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Turn Your HR Training Videos into eLearning Content

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

HR Training Videos

Human Resources (HR) professionals are responsible for hiring and retaining competent workers, monitoring and evaluating job performance, providing suitable compensation, and overseeing labor relations. But HR also plays a critical role in the area of staff training and employee development.

The HR department’s role in training and development often includes such topics as new employee orientation, preparation for specific job roles and tasks, leadership development, technology training, compliance awareness, and more.

The Power of Video for HR Training

Given the volume of information that needs to be shared among the workforce (perhaps many times over), HR departments have increasingly turned to the use of video to get their message across with consistency and accuracy.

In fact, the use of video for eLearning has emerged a cornerstone of many corporate learning programs. Video is seen as an effective tool for corporate education and development and is increasingly preferred by employees who have grown up in the age of video. The use of video for eLearning enables the creation of a powerful and immersive learning experience, almost regardless of the skill or topic being discussed.

Effective training videos tend to encourage learners to consider what they are going to learn and its value for their job role and professional development. These videos often ask well-timed questions that prompt learners to reflect on the material they are being presented. They might also leverage on-screen symbols or text to direct the learner’s attention to important information.

Five Types of HR Training Videos to Consider

Here are five types of HR training videos that can provide significant value in your company’s efforts to train and develop employees and increase your overall competitiveness.

An Introduction to Company Policies and Procedures

This type of training video outlines your company’s basic policies and procedures to help new employees understand what is expected from them in their role and how they can make sure their actions and performance support the company’s culture and values.

Employee Benefits Overview

Create this video to clearly explain the benefits and perks available to your employees. This video can review your policies concerning such things as 401K, time off, employee referral programs, wellness programs, bonuses, and more. One of the goals of this type of video is to reinforce the value in working for your organization.

Regulations and Compliance

Many companies today, especially those in the healthcare and financial services industries, must operate with an awareness and adherence to compliance regulations, such as HIPAA, GDPR, SOX, PCI, and others. Video can provide an effective introduction to these regulations, as well as ongoing training to ensure employees maintain an awareness of these regulations as they perform their job roles.

Technology Training

To be competitive, companies must utilize the latest technologies to optimize employee performance and production while minimizing costs. Effective video training can minimize the challenges associated with the introduction of these new technologies and help to ensure that your employees are leveraging these systems to their fullest.

Diversity and Inclusion

Video can help to educate your employees on how to better understand each other and to create a productive and harmonious work environment. These types of videos can teach proper communications and explore how your staff can best work as a team.

Convert Your HR Training Videos to eLearning Content

LMS Portals provides a cloud-based platform that allows our corporate clients to launch their own corporate-branded eLearning portals. The system allows for quick and easy development of eLearning courses and can leverage your existing HR training videos as part of your course and program content.

You can upload your training videos to the LMS Portals platform or simply link to them on YouTube or Vimeo. You can then add quizzes and other supporting content to create complete and robust courses.

Contact us today to get started for free!

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