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The Importance of Compliance Training for Employees

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

Importance of Compliance Training

Given the complex and fast-changing regulatory landscape of today’s business environment, there is an increasing requirement for the creation of a comprehensive strategy that complies with all relevant rules and regulations. An effective approach considers a balanced view of both rules and values in cultivating this mindset.

The development of a corporate compliance education program will enable your organization to operate efficiently and safely while ensuring that your workplace follows laws and regulations.

What is Compliance Training?

Compliance training refers to the process of ensuring that employees understand all applicable laws, regulations, and internal policies and are advised regarding how to adhere to them in their everyday work roles. Compliance training often guides employees through real world examples of how ethical issues and compliance apply to their roles in the workplace. Effective compliance training allows employees to thrive in the workplace. They gain an understanding of their responsibilities and boundaries and are increasing able to work productively with minimal supervision.

The Benefits of Compliance Training for Your Organization

Some of the benefits your organization can expect through the implementation of a formal compliance training program include:

Creating a Safer Work Environment

Compliance training provides instruction to your employees regarding the proper safety protocols, regulations, and compliance guidelines that impact their roles within your company. Through effective compliance training, your workers will to help build and work within a culture of safety. It can also encourage workers to look out for and report potential problems.

Decrease Company Liabilities

An effective compliance training program will minimize your risk for liabilities while helping to keep your company current with the all state, federal and OSHA regulations. When your employees are advised on the latest recommendations, they are more able to avoid making mistakes that could be costly to your business. Your employees will also appreciate the fact that you care about their safety.

Increase Corporate Efficiencies

Safer workers are more productive workers as accidents, lawsuits, and other safety issues tend to impede productivity. By increasing corporate focus on compliance training, your workers can remain active and productive, thus protecting and even enhancing your corporate bottom line.

eLearning for Compliance Training

While gathering your workforce into a classroom can be difficult to do, eLearning can significantly reduce training costs while providing a greater level of efficiency. Technology continues to make access to learning content much easier. You can store and assemble your compliance training materials online for easy access by your employees.

The benefits of eLearning for compliance training include:

Cost Reduction

eLearning is simply a more cost-effective to compliance training than classroom learning. With eLearning, you reduce fees for trainers, as well as employee time. You also eliminate costs related to travel, training rooms, travel, food, and printed materials. With eLearning, employees simply need a device and an Internet connection to support the learning process.

Increased Employee Retention

eLearning has proven to enhance employee satisfaction, thus increasing employee retention. When employees believe they have the opportunity to learn and grow, they are less likely to leave your organization.

Ongoing Access to Learning Content

Unlike classroom training, eLearning offers your employees the ability to access learning resources whenever they need them. This is especially valuable for high volume learning programs and for employees who prefer to learn at their own pace.

Enables Global Collaboration

Given today’s increasingly global workforce, one of the most significant advantages of eLearning is that it can be structured to promote online collaboration around the world. Some of the most viable eLearning solutions enable employees from varying departments and locations to offer input to larger company discussions, from directly within the training module.

LMS Portals for Compliance Training

LMS Portals provides a powerful cloud-based platform for corporate eLearning. Our system supports online compliance training by offering powerful tools for students, instructors, and administrators.

Contact us to get started today!

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