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The Benefits of a

Multi-Tenant Learning Management System

The Benefits of a Multi-Tenant Learning Management System

Multi-tenant or “multi tenancy” refers to an architecture that offers the ability to manage several instances or “Tenants” on a single system, typically with centralized management. When multi-tenant architecture is applied to Learning Management Systems (LMSs), each tenant has their own group of students, instructors, content, and analytics. In multi-tenant LMS architecture, there is “Super Admin” who is manages each tenant LMS from a central dashboard.

With a multi-tenant LMS you can host several distinct eLearning environments from within one system. Each tenant does not need to know about the existence of other tenants as they can only view their own data and access their own resources.

Benefits of Multi-Tenant Architecture for Learning Management Systems

Some pf the benefits of multi-tenancy for LMS use can include:

Time to Market

A multi-tenant LMS will have usually offer a faster start-up than a single tenant system in that you can “spin-up” a new eLearning environment very quickly. 

Centralized Management

In multi-tenancy, the Super Admin typically has access to all of their deployed eLearning environments from a centralized console and they can easily toggle among their various portals to conduct their management activities.

Streamlined Scaling

Most multi-tenant LMS offerings make it easy for their users to deploy new eLearning environments on-demand.  And all of these deployed portals benefit from the same features and performance offered by the system.

Cost Effectiveness

In stands to reason that, given the efficiencies offered through a multi-tenant architecture, these systems offer a greater level of cost-effectiveness than single-tenant systems.

LMS Portals: A Multi-Tenant LMS Platform

LMS Portals provides our clients and partners with a powerful, cloud-based, multi-tenant LMS.  In working with LMS Portals, you can build, launch, and manage multiple eLearning environments, on-demand.  And each portal you launch, can have its own unique branding. Online courses, learning paths, analytics, and more.

Contact us to learn more or learn about our partner program.

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