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SCORM-Compliant Videos for eLearning

SCORM-Compliant Video Format
for eLearning

As the demand for high-quality eLearning content grows with the increasing popularity of online learning and Learning Management Systems (LMS), SCORM-compliant eLearning materials help fill this need.  SCORM (Shareable Content Object Reference Model) technologies help ensure that eLearning content is accessible on most LMS platforms.

What is SCORM?

SCORM is a set of technical standards that help guide the development of eLearning content. Under SCORM, software developers are directed regarding how to write their code so that their software is available in a format that is understood by other eLearning technologies. The SCORM standard was designed to direct how eLearning content and LMS platforms communicate with each other. SCORM provide guidelines around instructional design, it simply serves as a standard for eLearning technology.

SCORM was developed in response to the growing presence of LMS platforms and the accompanying demand for eLearning content. As LMS platforms flourished, SCORM compliance was created from the need to make courses more portable and accessible. Instead of only working on a single LMS platform, SCORM-compliant courses can be made accessible on a wide range of systems.  All that is required is that both the course content and LMS platform meet SCORM-compliance standards.

The Benefits of SCORM for Corporate eLearning

For corporate use, SCORM, grants eLearning creators more flexibility in choosing and changing platforms. Given this, SCORM allows for quicker and less expensive development and deployment of content. SCORM compliant software enables eLearning content and LMS platforms interact seamlessly interact through its standard coding protocol.

And so, the primary benefits of SCORM compliance include:

  • Compatibility: The SCORM standard ensures that SCORM-compliant content and courses are supported on any LMS platform offers SCORM compliance.

  • Cost Savings: SCORM compliance in that If you make a decision to switch LMS platforms, your SCORM-compliant courses and content can be easily migrated to your new platform, without the need for any additional programming or modifications.

  • Revenue Opportunities: Adhering to SCORM compliance also gives you an opportunity to sell your courses to third parties, since they can be run on any SCORM-compliant LMS platform.  This portability makes it much easier to monetize your content, courses, and eLearning authoring expertise, if you choose to.

SCORM Compliant Video Format

If videos are part of your eLearning content strategy, you might need to consider how to share and track the usage of your training videos. Working with a SCORM-compliant authoring tools, such as Camtasia, will allow you to create SCORM-compliant eLearning content is video format.  Through SCORM compliance, you can make your videos interactive by embedding quizzes and tests and review the results to track your user engagement and success.

LMS Portals for SCORM-Compliant Video eLearning

LMS Portals provides a powerful corporate eLearning platform that supports SCORM compliance for video and other eLearning content.  LMS Portals corporate clients can build and launch their own branded eLearning portals to quickly and easily build and deliver eLearning content and courses.  Our system also includes robust supporting tools for user onboarding, messaging, analytics, and more.

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