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Understanding the Supported File Types for

LMS Portals

LMS Portals provides Administrators and Instructors with the ability to use a number of different file types when building your courses.  This flexibility allows you to choose the proper delivery given each piece of learning content.

The file types include:


HTML5 is widely used for delivering content on the Web and has proven to be particularly useful for eLearning as it now includes support for rich media, graphics and student interaction. HTML5 it works well across modern browsers and offers excellent support on modern mobile devices.

Learn about the LMS Portals SCORM compliance and understand SCORM hosting.


LMS Portals supports video types that include:

MP4: a standard developed by MPEG (Moving Picture Experts Group) that is used to share video files over the Internet.  eLearning videos in MP4 format can store sub-titles, so they can be used to train a multilingual workforce.   In addition, LMS Portals provides SCORM compliance for MP4.

YouTube: As YouTube continues to grow in popularity, it has emerged as a valuable learning tool that corporate eLearning professionals can use to make their courses more interactive, fun, and informative. 

Vimeo: Vimeo has also emerged as a favorite among eLearning professionals as It's a professional solution that allows you to protect your files so that they can't be seen on  It also prevents your files from being downloaded or embedded on an unauthorized URL.

Text Files

A text file is a file that contains only text and has no special formatting. With Microsoft Windows systems, text files are identified with the . txt file extension. The value of LMS Portals supporting Text files is that many of our clients have existing content in Text format. They can easily re-purpose these files for eLearning.

PDF Files

PDF s (Portable Document Format), are used to display documents in an electronic format that is independent of the software, hardware or operating system on which they are viewed.  PDFs have been extensively used in the corporate world for use given their portability and ability to secure the content they are presenting.

Document Files

Like PDFs, Word documents have been extensively used by corporations for many years.  LMS Portals provides support for Document files as an effective means for sharing and re-purposing content for eLearning.  You may even consider converting your Document files to SCORM compliant formats to track eLearning activities.

Image Files

Support of image files (such as .jpg, .png. and .tif) provides LMS Portals Administrators and Instructors with an effective way to creatively communicate learning content.

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