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Corporate LMS Branding

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Powerful LMS with Your Own Corporate Branding

The continuity of your corporate identity is an important concern when evaluating a Learning Management System (LMS) for your organization. As part of your eLearning and LMS planning process, it is essential it is essential to consider all aspects of the set-up and design of your platform, and the opportunities to brand your online training portal.

The Value of a Corporate LMS

While the use of corporate LMS platforms has grown tremendously in recent years, many companies still do not understand the potential benefits of deploying their own corporate LMS to support and drive employee training.

Some of the key benefits your company can expect from the implementation of a corporate LMS can include:

Increased Employee Productivity

Online training has proven to lead to the development of employees who are more knowledgeable about your company’s products, services, compliance requirements, corporate culture, and more.  The ongoing support and development and staff through effective eLearning can be a driving force behind your company’s growth and success.

Fast Delivery of Learning Content

Unlike traditional class-based training, an LMS allows for fast and easy delivery of learning content to support dynamic work environments. A corporate LMS will centralize your training activities and content. An effective corporate LMS houses all of your learning materials in one secure, consolidated platform so that your users don’t have to search through many different systems and files.


A corporate LMS offers significant cost savings when compared to traditional, classroom-based training as an LMS eliminates the need for expenses such as travel, the printing and distribution of learning materials, and catering and venue costs.

LMS Branding for Consistent Corporate Identity

When planning your corporate LMS, consider the fact that a design that is consistent with your corporate brand will help to create a more familiar user experience to help drive engagement the engagement and success of your eLearning program. Selecting an LMS platform that offers branding capabilities is often seen as a key feature.

Consistent branding also supports your corporate message and values as your brand will become embedded in the eLearning experience and, over time, your learner’s values will reflect your organizational values.

LMS Portals for Corporate LMS Branding

LMS Portals offers a SaaS-based corporate LMS platform to support all of your company’s staff training and eLearning needs.  And with LMS Portals, you can launch your own corporate-branded LMS to include your company logo, custom subdomain, favicon, tiles, and other LMS branding elements.

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