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LMS Portals | Small Business LMS

A Powerful Learning Management System for Small Businesses

LMS Portals provides small businesses with a cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS) for employee, partner, and customer training.  Our platform offers a unique multi-tenant architecture that allows our small business clients to launch multiple private eLearning environments, on-demand, in order to create a customized learning experience for each of your audiences.

The Benefits of a Cloud-Based LMS for Small Businesses

These days, small business owners do not have the time to spend on activities that are outside of their core strength.  Given these time and resource constraints, a cloud-based LMS can be your best deployment option as it puts the system performance and maintenance responsibilities on the vendor.  In addition, a cloud-based approach to learning management offers:


One of the primary benefits of a cloud-based LMS is in the fact that you eliminate the need to make large up-front software and hardware purchases as all of this is provided to you through the vendor.  In addition, the vendor takes responsibility for the ongoing management of the system, along with all of the costs of that effort.

On-Demand Model

With most cloud LMS platforms, you can access the features and the bandwidth that you need in a subscription-based model.  This allows you to only access and pay for only those resources that you need at any given time.  It also allows you to easily scale up (or down) your consumption of the system as your requirements change over time.

Updated Features

In working with a cloud LMS offering, small business owners can be assured that they are accessing the “latest and greatest” features available in learning management as (in order to remain competitive) the cloud LMS vendor must consistently update the offering or risk losing their clients.

Powerful Security

Most cloud LMS vendors can offer a higher level of security than small business owners can reasonably achieve on their own.  The reason for this is that the LMS cloud vendor can spread the security costs across their entire client base, thus making a high level of security very affordable.

LMS Portals: An LMS for Small Businesses

At LMS Portals, we provide our small business clients with a robust cloud LMS solution that includes a number of unique and powerful features. Including:


LMS Portals provides our clients with a multi-tenant LMS platform that allows them to easily launch and manage multiple private eLearning environments to create a unique learning experience for each of their audiences.

Portal Branding

Each portal you launch can have its own branding elements, including logo, images, favicon, page title, and more.

User Onboarding

The system provides the tools you need to bring students onto your portal and into the specific courses and learning paths that are relevant to them.

Messaging and Collaboration

Within each learning environment, you can offer tools that allow for student collaboration and messaging between students and instructors.

Detailed Analytics

For each portal, you can capture and review the detailed data regarding user engagement and success.  You can leverage this data to make informed decisions as you revise and expand your learning program.

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