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Corporate LMS Features

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Powerful LMS Features for Corporate eLearning

Corporate Learning Management Systems (LMS) allow organizations to build and deliver training courses to support employee skills development.  Through proper planning and implementation, these systems can play a key role in the success and growth of the company. The challenge is that, with the numerous LMS features options that are available today, it can be difficult to determine which will actually provide value, given the goals of your organization and your learning program.

Key LMS Features to Consider

When evaluating LMS offerings for your organization, some of the features to consider can include:

Ease of Use

To help ensure the success of your corporate learning program, your LMS interface must be intuitive and user-friendly for all of your user types. The interface should be clean, simple and easy to learn.  It should also allow for fast and easy development and delivery of your online courses to minimize any learning challenges for your Administrators and Instructors.

Support for Diverse Content Types

With the right LMS platform, you can create courses for various types of learners within your organization through efficient use of various content types. Videos, HTML5 files, documents, images and recorded webinars are some of the primary options flexible LMS platforms offer.


Given that your learners and Administrators may be geographically dispersed and constantly on the go, your LMS platform should be mobile-friendly and offer responsive design features to allow for learning activities and program development from any device.


It is important that your LMS platform provide the opportunity for you organization to scale your use of the system as your learning needs develop and grow.  To accomplish this, many organizations are choosing SaaS-based LMS platforms to allow for flexibility in their usage needs.

SCORM Compliance

SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) defines a specific means of building LMS platforms and training content so that it can work well with other SCORM-compliant systems.  With SCORN compliance, you are able to better capture student activities, behaviors and results while leveraging portability of eLearning content.

Reporting and Analytics

A key component of your LMS platform is in the quality of the reporting and analytics it offers to allow you to assess the level of engagement and success from your learners.  Ideally, the reporting and analytics tools will allow you to create your own custom views and data visualizations so that you can properly determine the level of success you are seeing and adapt accordingly.


The protection of your LMS and the data it houses is a critical issue for any organization that is evaluating eLearning technologies.  In today's compliance-driven business environment, the security of your employees' personal information, as well as the protection of sensitive company information is a key aspect of the LMS.

Corporate Branding

A unique requirement for LMS platforms that are intended for corporate use is in the ability to brand the learning experience for your organization.  Adding your company logo, images, favicons, and other branding elements help to create a learning environment that is consistent with your corporate look-and-feel.

Corporate LMS Features from LMS Portals

LMS Portals provides our corporate users with a powerful SaaS-based platform for corporate eLearning and employee development.  The LMS Portals platform provides support for diverse content types and includes valuable tools for employee onboarding and analytics.  It offers a streamlined system for course development and category management and allows you to attach your own corporate branding to the employee learning experience.

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