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LMS Portals | Camtasia for eLearning

Combining LMS Portals with Camtasia for Corporate eLearning


Camtasia is a powerful software package for video creation and editing. Camtasia supports most video media formats, and presents a simple, yet powerful eLearning and demonstration video platform. It offers a full suite of capture and editing tools that can provide significant value to anyone interested in video creation to support corporate eLearning.

A primary feature of Camtasia is the screen capture and video file conversion.  This feature includes the opportunity to record author’s face with a separate in a separate display window. With Camtasia, everything that happens on the computer can be recorded for demonstration and learning purposes.  This includes applications, video clips, documents, files, online dialogs, and more.

Powerful Use Cases for Camtasia eLearning

Some of the most compelling use cases to consider when evaluating Camtasia for eLearning can include:

Tours for Virtual Onboarding

Use Camtasia to create virtual company tours for new employees.  Help new hires gain more confidence in their role and comfort with your organization by offering guided video tours created in Camtasia. Include hyperlinks or interactive hot spots that redirect the viewer to other eLearning content to further support the onboarding process.

Compliance Awareness and Training

Use Camtasia to generate videos that create staff awareness around compliance regulations that apply to your organization (e.g. HIPAA, GDPR, PCI).  eLearning videos can give employees the power to visualize causes and repercussions of compliance violations. Maintain a video library to provide compliance instruction based on employee roles and responsibilities.

Product Knowledge and Instruction

Leverage Camtasia’s powerful screen recording feature to create product awareness and training videos for employees, customers, and channel sales partners.  Take the viewer through a How-to lesson by showing them, screen-by-screen and click-by-click how to accomplish a specific task within the product and where to go for further instruction.

Sales and Channel Partner Training

Use Camtasia to create eLearning videos to train both internal and channel partner sales staff. Create engaging video content to outline the features and benefits of your company’s products and services. Offer suggestions and  outline best practices to help them close deals and upsell clients.

Quizzes and SCORM Compliance

Camtasia includes powerful features for eLearning authors to incorporate quizzes throughout your eLearning content and video courses.  To make a video and quiz into a SCORM package (and leverage the LMS Portals SCORM compliance), use the SCORM option and enter the required information.

Camtasia and LMS Portals for eLearning

Camtasia provides a powerful eLearning authoring tool for video content that can be used in your corporate-branded LMS portal.  You can upload your Camtasia videos directly into your LMS Portal as MP4 files, or you can share them out to YouTube or Vimeo and call them into your online courses from those platforms.

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