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Powerful LMS Analytics and Reporting

A Learning Management System (LMS) deployed for corporate training or “eLearning” is designed to develop and enhance the skills of the company’s workforce. To be effective, the LMS should offer robust reporting and analytics to ensure that the eLearning program is meeting your training objectives by tracking the use of the system along with the progress and success rates of your users.

Comprehensive LMS analytics help ensure that corporate learning gaps are filled through effective training content and courses.  Assessing training data by individual learner, at the course level, and system-wide across the full gamut of data will help assess the effectiveness of your learning content and onboarding processes and help drive corporate growth.

The Power of LMS Analytics for Corporate eLearning

Some of the reasons you will want to select an LMS that offers powerful analytics and reporting include:

Assessing User Engagement

User engagement is a key metric for any corporate eLearning program as this data will tell you whether your users are actually utilizing your LMS.  This reporting features gives your organization the ability to gain valuable insights into the user behavior, by reviewing such things as user enrollment and course completion rates.  If the data falls short of your corporate objectives, you can revisit your learning content, revamp your user onboarding process, or make other necessary adjustments.

Reviewing Learner Performance

Learner performance is typically divided into individual and group assessments.  A review of individual learner performance data provides insight into how each corporate learner is progressing and benefitting from your LMS.  Analytics regarding group assessment will give you an aggregate view of learner trends and tell the larger story regarding overall learning effectiveness.

Understanding Learner Satisfaction

Many LMS analytics tools now offer the ability for administrators and instructors to capture and review data regarding user satisfaction and approval.  This review of this data can be extremely helpful as you look to improve your engagement and success rates over time.  It also gives your users a voice in the direction of your corporate eLearning content, strategies, and method of delivery.

LMS Analytics for Data-Driven Decisions

For corporate eLearning, data-driven decision-making refers to a continuous process of collecting, analyzing, deciphering your LMS data. Your team can then leverage these data findings in an effort to more closely match your learning content and delivery methods to your corporate audience.  Over time, this iterative process will allow you to maximize the power and efficiency of your LMS and ensure the greatest possible return on your LMS investment.

LMS Analytics from LMS Portals

LMS Portals provides a powerful SaaS-based corporate-branded LMS platform.  Our system includes a robust analytics engine that enables corporate LMS administrators to capture, review, and understand the key data elements of user engagement and performance as well as the overall value and effectiveness of your corporate eLearning program.

Contact us to learn more and get started for free.

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