How to Add Quizzes and Tests to Your

LMS Portals Courses

LMS Portals offers Administrators and Instructors to methods for adding tests and quizzes to your courses.  In this article we outline how to add quizzes using the LMS Portals Quiz-Builder System.  This tool allows you to build multiple choice questions.

The second way to add quizzes and tests is through the use of the LMS Portals SCORM compliance and in working with SCORM-compliant authoring tools to build your course content.  You can learn more about the use of SCORM compliant authoring tools by clicking here.

1. From the Course building screen, click the Add Quiz button
2. The Add New Quiz window appears.  Enter a Quiz Title, select the Section in which the Quiz will appear and provide user Instructions
Then click the Submit button.
3. The new Quiz appears in the chosen Section.  Hover over the right-hand side of the Quiz box and click the "?" icon that appears.
4. The Manage Quiz Questions window appears.  Click Add New Question.
5. The Add New Question window appears.  Enter a Question Title (the question to be asked) and choose the Number of  multiple choice options. and click the Checkmark to expand the box and input your question options.
Enter checkmark in the box with the correct answer.
When complete, click Submit.

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