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What is a Multi-Tenant Learning Management System?

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

What is a Multi-Tenant Learning Management System

A Learning Management System (LMS) is a software application designed for the creation, delivery, and tracking of all types of eLearning programs, including corporate training and employee development. In recent years, as companies have put greater emphasis on the need for effective employee training, eLearning has emerged as a preferred approach over traditional, classroom-based training. And learning management systems are the core technology supporting and driving this trend.

Companies that are looking to build a corporate training program through the use of an LMS have several options available to them. While some organizations choose to deploy an on-premises LMS, these are typically larger organizations that have the resources available to deploy and manage the system. The more common approach is to access a SaaS-based LMS, offered by a third-party vendor.

The other choice available to corporate training departments is in deciding between a single tenant or a multi-tenant LMS.

Single Tenant vs. Multi-Tenant Learning Management System

A single tenant SaaS application provides an architecture and environment where a single instance of the application, along with its supporting components, is dedicated to a single customer. In single tenancy, the vendor will manage both the software and its dedicated infrastructure while offering almost complete control to that customer.

But single tenancy does have its drawbacks as it can require a lengthy setup process and a significant amount of maintenance. It can also come at a significant price.

A multi-tenant architecture is an approach to application delivery in which a single instance of the software application supports multiple customers. In multitenancy, each customer shares the same application and resources.

In learning management, a multi-tenant architecture is often a good choice for businesses that are looking for a fast and easy way to get started and lower overall costs. And a multi-tenant architecture streamlines the process of applying upgrades and updates to the application, which can be especially beneficial for those organizations looking to deploy multiple learning environments from a centralized architecture.

LMS Portals: A SaaS-Based Multi-Tenant Learning Management System

LMS Portals provides our clients and partners with a powerful SaaS-based, multi-tenant learning management system to drive and support corporate eLearning and employee training programs. Using our platform, administrators are able to build and launch new, customized eLearning environments (portals) on-demand. This approach creates a unique ability to create a customized learning experience for each of your audiences. And each portal offers:

Custom Branding

Add unique branding elements to each portal, including logos, images, text and titles, favicons, and more.

User Onboarding

Leverage the invitation and onboarding components to bring new users onto a specific portal and into the specific courses and learning paths that are pertinent to them.

Multiple Content Types

Work with a variety of content types in creating your courses and lessons, including video, HTML5, PDFs, documents, and more.

Collaboration and Messaging

Allow your students to leverage messaging and collaboration tools to support and enhance their online learning and training experience.

Detailed Analytics

Capture and review detailed data regarding user engagement and success metrics. Leverage this data as you look to expand and revise your corporate training program over time.

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