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Launch Multiple LMS Portals 

from a Single eLearning Platform

LMS Portals | Portals On-Demand

Launch and Manage Multiple eLearning Environments

LMS Portals offers a powerful platform that allows our clients and partners to launch and manage multiple eLearning portals from a single platform.  The LMS Portals platform is a cloud-based system that provides Administrators with the ability to launch new portals on-demand for each training audience.

The system provides:

Centralized Management

Launch and manage multiple eLearning environments to create a customized learning experience for each of your training audiences.  You can launch portals for temporary, short-term use or create portals that will be leveraged for long-term training programs.

Portal Branding

Each portal can have its own unique branding, including URL, logo, images, and more.

User Onboarding

Seamlessly bring new students onto the learning portal for the specific courses that are relevant to them.

Learning Paths

Create customized learning paths based on the goals of each eLearning portal.

Messaging and Collaboration

Within each portal, you can offer messaging among the participating students or between students and instructors.  This opportunity for communication and collaboration has been proven to support and enhance the learning experience.


Capture and review detailed analytics to review user engagement, progress, and success.  Leverage this detailed data to modify your program over time as your learning needs develop and change.

Segment and Scale

The opportunity to launch multiple portals allows you to logically segment and scale your program.

Create New Revenue Streams

In addition to launching portals for internal use, you can create portals for external learners and create new revenue streams for your company, if you choose.

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