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eLearning Tracker Software

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

eLearning Tracker Software

In the past, a major challenge of corporate learning and training programs was in measuring the behavior of learners and the success of the program. eLearning and the use of Learning Management System (LMS) platforms has helped to ease that challenge by incorporating tools for the capture and review of the detailed data program managers must have to understand the effectiveness of their current program and plan for future program growth and enhancements. In fact, the effective use of learning analytics can help create the best possible student experience and help them to benefit from a more personalized experience. The effective use of program analytics can also serve to enhance student retention and ensure that your students are gaining the knowledge they need to fill skills gaps and help to increase the overall competitiveness of your organization.

What are eLearning Analytics?

eLearning analytics refers to the collection of data that is captured while employees are conducting their corporate eLearning activities. Analytics also consist of the reporting and review of this information in support of the success of the program. Through analytics, vital pieces of data are recorded to determine whether students are engaging at the targeted level and that they are succeeding to the point where their enhanced knowledge and skills make the investment in eLearning worthwhile.

Some of the benefits of eLearning analytics and their specific use in corporate training include:

Controlling Costs

One of the main benefits of the capture and tracking of eLearning analytics is in the opportunity it provides to measure the cost-effectiveness of your program or any specific component. Tracking learner data can help you determine which aspects of the program are gaining little traction or not producing the desired results. This can help redirect your efforts and spending toward more productive aspects of the program.

Measuring User Engagement

An eLearning and corporate program is only valuable to the extent that employees actually join and participate. eLearning analytics and tracker software can help measure the effectiveness of your user onboarding strategies and all of the content you have created to promote program participation.

Predicting Learner Performance

Another significant benefit of capturing and tracking analytics is in gaining insight into how your learners are performing. This information can then be extrapolated out to make predictions regarding the future performance of your learners and create program plans that will maximize future results.

Offering Learners a More Personalized Experience

Through eLearning analytics and tracking, program managers and instructors can have a greater opportunity to create eLearning experiences that are tailored for each individual learner. For example, if the data indicates that a user required an inordinate amount of time to complete any single module, then proper measures can be put in place to offer customized educational tools and course resources to enhance performance and comprehension.

Maximizing User Retention

And finally, effective capture and tracking of analytics can help keep users engaged in your program. This occurs when you properly capture, track, and utilize the analytics information to improve the user experience and ensure their greatest opportunity for success.

Learning Management Systems and eLearning Tracker Software

A Learning Management System (LMS) is a software platform that is designed to build, manage, and review eLearning programs. Today, most LMSs include eLearning tracker software that enables the capture and review of critical data in an effort to optimize program results over time.

LMS Portals offers a cloud-based, multi-tenant LMS that provides our clients and partners with the ability to launch and manage private eLearning environments on-demand. Each portal you launch includes its own eLearning tracker software to track and measure user performance and offers a data-driven foundation from which future program directions can be determined.

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