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A SaaS Reseller Program for Corporate eLearning

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

SaaS Reseller Program for Corporate eLearning

Corporate eLearning refers to the use of electronic technologies (typically, the Internet) to conduct employee training and workforce development. As cloud-based technologies continue to evolve and workforces have become increasingly remote (a trend that was in place even before COVID-19), eLearning has emerged as a preferred approach for most any company looking to implement a corporate training program.

Given this, the corporate eLearning market (currently valued at roughly $64 billion) is expected to grow CAGR 9.16% by 2025. This growth offers a tremendous opportunity for any eLearning vendor, particularly those with a SaaS-based corporate eLearning offering.

Learning Management Systems for Corporate eLearning

A learning management system, or “LMS” is the software application that is used to build, deliver, and track any type of eLearning program, including corporate eLearning and training. While LMS technology is available in a number of options, there are two that are proving to be especially valuable for corporate eLearning programs.

SaaS-Based LMS

A SaaS-based LMS is a platform offered by a third-party vendor to provide your organization with all of the powerful features of an LMS without the need for a large, up-front investment. Today, most cloud LMS vendors offer access to their application on a subscription basis, thus allowing your company to gain immediate access to the specific features and bandwidth you need, without paying for excess capacity. And this subscription-based LMS model makes it easy for your company to scale your use of the LMS as your corporate training needs evolve and grow over time.

Multi-Tenant LMS

A multi-tenant LMS is a unique architecture that allows your company to “spin up” new, customized instances of the application to support various corporate training audiences. Multitenancy is particularly valuable to organizations who want to train their extended enterprise, or for third-party corporate training and consulting organizations looking to offer a customized training experience for each of their clients.

Type of Corporate eLearning and Training Programs

While corporate eLearning and training can impact most every area of an organization, some of the most common topics and courses include:

LMS Portals: A SaaS Reseller Program for Corporate eLearning and Training

LMS Portals provides our partners with a SaaS-based reseller program that allows you to sell eLearning technology and services to your corporate clients. Using the LMS Portals platform, our reseller partners are able to “spin up” new branded eLearning environments (portals) for each of your clients and unique training audiences. And each portal you launch can have its own learning categories, courses, user onboarding, collaboration, and analytics engine.

Getting started is simply a matter of:

  • Naming and customizing a new portal (accomplished in minutes)

  • Naming your learning categories

  • Structuring and building courses by repurposing existing content, such as videos, documents, and images

  • Adding quizzes to test and ensure learner comprehension

  • Inviting students to the portal and into the specific courses that are relevant to them

  • Monitoring and reporting on student engagement, progress, and success

Visit our Partner Program pages to learn more or contact us today to get started

for free!

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