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eLearning and Employee Training Tracker Software

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

Employee Training Tracker Software

Advances in technology, combined with growing complexities in workplace operations and strategies are increasing the need for companies to ensure that the knowledge and skills of their workers are keeping pace with these changes. Employee training provides the best way to enhance the abilities of your workforce by providing them with the specific instruction they need to effectively perform their jobs in this ever-changing environment. In fact, companies that provide their employees with relevant and consistent training can expect an increase in revenue on a per employee basis, along with an overall improvement of the company’s bottom line.

The Benefits of Employee Training

The primary reason for offering employee training programs is in building a more competitive, engaged, and capable staff. Some of the specific benefits your organization can expect from the delivery of an employee training program can include:

Increased Retention

Hiring and retaining talent is a major challenge for many employers. This challenge can be reduced through the offering of employee training and career development programs. In fact, the availability of employee training programs has proven to be a competitive advantage when recruiting new workers. And companies that offer effective programs have seen a decrease in staff turnover of almost 60%.

Improved Technology Skills

Effective employee training can help workers to develop the valuable computer skills they need to enhance their work performance. Companies that provide programs that address basic PC skills, along with training for the systems that are relevant to workers in their specific job roles can expect to see a significant uptick in overall productivity.

Increased Worker Engagement

A workforce that is not engaged due to boredom and a lack of feeling challenged will tend to develop poor work habits and an overall feeling of dissatisfaction. The right employee training initiatives can help to combat this challenge by creating an environment where your employees can feel like they are on a path for career growth and increased opportunities within your organization.

Identify and Train Future Leaders

Your employee training program can be the ideal mechanism for ensuring that your company will have the leadership it needs to succeed well into the future. Offering aspects of your program that target the skills required to lead your company in an ever-changing increasingly competitive landscape creates a path for career growth for those employees who demonstrate the potential and initiative to take on those future roles.

eLearning and Employee Training Tracker Software

In the past, most companies chose to offer in-person, classroom-based learning as the foundation for their corporate training programs, online learning (also known as “eLearning”). In recent years however, the combination of advancing cloud-based technologies and an increasingly remote workforce (a trend that started even before COVID-19) has made eLearning the foundation of many employee training programs. And a Learning Management System (LMS) provides the foundational technology for all types of eLearning programs, including employee training.

An LMS is the application used to build, deliver, online learning and training programs. An LMS can be deployed on-premises or (more commonly these days) in the cloud through the use of third-party technologies. Of significant value in the use of an of LMS is in its ability to track and provide reporting regarding employee engagement and success in the company’s training programs. This ability to track employee success with the system can be particularly valuable for companies that offer compliance awareness and other types of mandated, time-sensitive training initiatives.

LMS Portals: Employee Training Tracker Software

LMS Portals provides our clients and partners with a cloud-based, multi-tenant learning management system that allows you to deploy customized eLearning environments (portals) to support multiple, unique training audiences. Each portal you deploy can have its own branding elements and includes tools for user onboarding, messaging, analytics, and more.

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