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LMS Portals

White Label SaaS Program

LMS Portals White Label SaaS Program

A Powerful eLearning Partnership Opportunity

LMS Portals provides our companies and partners with a powerful white label SaaS Learning Management System (LMS) that allows you to run a cloud-based eLearning program for your own organization or create new revenue streams by selling a white label version of the LMS Portals platform. 

In launching a white label version of the LMS Portals SaaS-based eLearning platform, you are able to leverage and offer all of the features of the LMS Portals technology under your own company brand.  Or you can choose to monetize the system by launching eLearning portals for your clients using their logos and branding.

How White Label SaaS Works

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is a revenue and distribution model for software technologies.  In a SaaS-based model, companies offer access to a software infrastructure over the Internet and charge customers on a monthly or annual basis. Under a “White label” SaaS-model, you are able to sell subscriptions to a fully developed and supported software platform from another company. The vendor allows you to fully customize the platform with your own branding and pricing plans.  This allows customers to see the product as your brand and offering.

The Benefits of White Label SaaS 

Some of the benefits of a White Label SaaS partnership can include:

Time to Market

White Label SaaS solutions can usually be up and running very quickly with your own logo and branding. White label solutions are generally fully developed and operations, which makes it easy for your company to bring the service to market with little or no technical expertise. As the reseller, you will eliminate any need to spend efforts and investment on products research, software development and feature testing.


Implementing a White Label SaaS system saves money for your organization while opening up a new revenue stream. Building your own software solution requires a significant investment of both capital and human resources and then requires you to allocate resources for the ongoing management of the system.

Access to Talent

As most executives know, recruiting and hiring exceptional software talent can be difficult and expensive.  In working with a White Label SaaS solution, you are gaining access to talented marketing and development teams at a fraction what it would cost to recruit and hire them.

Stay Current

One of the primary missions of a White Label SaaS vendor is to monitor the industry for evolving changes and new feature demands.  Because of this, resellers are assured to be offering a platform that remains competitive, even as customer demands and expectations evolve over time.

LMS Portals for White Label SaaS eLearning

LMS Portals provides a powerful white label SaaS platform for eLearning.  Using our system, you will be able to launch custom branded Learning Management System (LMS) portals for each of your clients who can then easily build and manage their own eLearning programs and courses.  And the LMS Portals system includes robust supporting tools for user onboarding, messaging, knowledge management, analytics, and more.

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Why LMS Portals for White Label SaaS?

As an LMS Portals Partner, you will have the ability to build, deploy, and manage branded eLearning portals for your clients, as well as for your own agency.

White Label SaaS
Launch and manage any number of customized, SaaS-based eLearning portals for your clients
White Label SaaS Courses
Build and deliver engaging courses, quickly and easily
White Label SaaS
Collect. analyze, and share program engagement and success reports

We provide our Partners a pricing model that offers your best possible margins in the LMS industry  and we offer training and support to ensure your greatest chance of success.

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