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The Need for Private eLearning Portals for Corporate Training

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

Private eLearning Portals for Corporate Training

The need for corporate training, in the form of eLearning, is on the rise. As global competition becomes more intense and the corporate workplace continues to increase in complexity, more and more companies are launching corporate eLearning and training programs to help their employees excel in the face of these new challenges.

eLearning refers to the use of electronic technologies (typically, the Internet) to build, deliver, manage, and monitor all types of online learning programs, including online corporate training. The availability of more sophisticated and affordable cloud-based technologies, combined with increasingly remote workforces (a trend that was in place even before COVID-19), has made eLearning the preferred approach to corporate training for businesses today.

The core technology that supports all types of eLearning programs, including corporate training, is a Learning Management System, or “LMS”. Unfortunately, most of the LMS platforms available today offer a single environment—meaning all of your learners are sent to one, public site to conduct their eLearning activities. This approach does not allow the eLearning administrator to brand or customize the online learning experience based on the audience, thus prohibiting them from creating an optimal learning experience.

Multi-Tenant Learning Management Systems

A relatively recent development in LMS technology is in the availability of multi-tenant architecture. While a single tenant LMS dedicates the entire software and hardware infrastructure for use by a single audience, a multi-tenant LMS allows the administrator to “spin up” new instances of the application in order to create a private, customized learning experiences for each of your training audiences.

Multitenancy is particularly valuable for organizations that need to launch an extended enterprise corporate training program. It is also well-suited for third-party training and consulting organizations that want to offer each of their clients their own private eLearning portal on which to conduct their eLearning and training activities.

LMS Portals: Private eLearning Portals for Corporate Training

LMS Portals provides our clients and partners with a cloud-based, multi-tenant learning management system that allows you to create private, customized eLearning environments on-demand. Each portal can be launched in minutes and offers:

Corporate Branding

Add unique branding elements, such as logos, images, favicons, and titles


Offer each of your audiences the specific course categories to meet their training requirements

Course Builder

LMS Portals includes its own native course building tools and allows you to repurpose existing training and marketing materials, such as videos (MP4, YouTube, or Vimeo), PDFs, Word and Text documents, images, and more

Course Library

Once built, save your courses to the Library for re-use across multiple portals

SCORM Integration

Import SCORM-compliant courses into the platform for use across any number of portals

User Onboarding

Powerful tools for creating customized invitations to bring students onto the portal and into the specific courses that are relevant to them

Messaging and Collaboration

Support the learning experience by allowing students to communicate with each other, as well as the administrator

Detailed Analytics

Capture, review, and share critical data regarding user engagement, progress, and success

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