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eLearning for Consulting Revenue

LMS Portals | eLearning for Consulting Revenue

Create New Consulting Revenues through eLearning

LMS Portals provides a powerful cloud-based multi-tenant Learning Management System (LMS) that allows our consulting partners to create new revenue streams through eLearning.  Using our platform, consulting organizations are able to build, launch, and manage multiple unique eLearning environments for their clients in order to create a new revenue opportunity for your organization.

What is eLearning?

Online learning, also known as “eLearning” refers to the use of electronic technologies to build and deliver learning and training content, without the need for a traditional classroom.  eLearning typically  refers to courses, programs or certificates delivered completely online.

eLearning offers a number of significant benefits over traditional, classroom-based training.  These include the eliminate of travel and venue expenses, along with the opportunity to eliminate the costs associated with printing and distributing training materials.  And compared to classroom-based training, eLearning is more convenient for both students and instructors as they are able to conduct their activities at any time and from any location.  All that is required is an Internet connection.

The eLearning Opportunity for Consulting Organizations

eLearning provides a significant opportunity for consulting organizations, working in various consulting business models, to create new revenue streams through online education and training. The global eLearning market is projected to reach $315 billion by 2025 as it continues to establish itself as the standard approach to employee training and education within the corporate sector.  Through eLearning, employees can cost-effectively acquire the critical knowledge and skills they need to perform their jobs more efficiently.  And consulting organizations, with their unique knowledge base, are uniquely positioned to take advantage of this growing trend to grow their organizations and diversity their revenues streams.

LMS Portals: An eLearning Platform for Consulting Revenue

LMS Portals provides our consulting partners with a multi-tenant eLearning platform to support both short and long-term training engagements for your clients.  Using our platform, you can launch private eLearning environments, on-demand, for each of your clients, with each portal offering:


Customize the look-and-feel of each portal to include logos, images, favicons, and other branding elements.

User Onboarding

Easily bring users onto the eLearning portal to enroll in the specific courses or learning paths that are relevant to their job role.

Messaging and Collaboration

Allow internal communication within the portal for messaging and collaboration among students or between students and instructors.


Tests and Quizzes

Make sure that students are gaining the knowledge they need by incorporating quizzes and tests into eLearning courses.


Measure the participation and success of each of your client eLearning engagements through detailed analytics.

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