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LMS Portals

SaaS-Based LMS Reseller Opportunity

LMS Portals SaaS-Based Reseller Opportunity

A Powerful eLearning Partnership 

LMS Portals offers a SaaS-based reseller opportunity to organizations that are looking to participate in the $165 billion eLearning market.  In working with LMS Portals, your organization will have a unique opportunity to sell Learning Management System (LMS) portals to organizations that want to leverage state-of-the-art portals for corporate training and eLearning.

Multiple eLearning Portals on a Single Powerful Platform

The LMS Portals platform is a unique offering in that it allows for on-demand launch and management of multiple eLearning environments from a single platform.  This will allow you (or your clients) to build private, branded eLearning portals to support each of their various groups of learners, thus creating a unique learning experience for each of their audiences.

In addition, each portal that launch includes robust supporting tools for:

Custom Branding

Each portal can be branded to create a distinct look-and-feel

Course Development and Delivery

Within each portal are the tools to build and deliver powerful online courses, using content types that can include HTML5, MP4, Video platforms (YouTube or Vimeo) documents, images, and more quickly and easily.

Learning Paths

Create learning paths to guide your users through a comprehensive learning experience that includes the specific courses they needs, in a logical progression, to achieve the desired training result.

User Onboarding

Portals Administrators are offered the tools to bring students onboard to use the portal, specifically for the classes that are relevant to them.

Messaging and Collaboration

Students can communicate with other students within their portal.  In addition, they can exchanges messages with course Instructors and Administrators.  This opportunity for communication and collaboration has proven to support and enhance the online learning experience.

Powerful Analytics

From each portal, you can capture and review detailed analytics to gauge user engagement, progress and success.  The ongoing review of this data can support your decisions as you determine how your eLearning program and activities should evolve over time.

A Unique SaaS-Based LMS Reseller Opportunity

If your company is interested in partnering with LMS Portals for the eLearning SaaS opportunity, simply complete our Partner Inquiry form and we will be in touch to discuss.

Why LMS Portals?

As an LMS Portals Partner, you will have the ability to build, deploy, and manage branded eLearning portals for your clients, as well as for your own agency.


We provide our Partners a pricing model that offers your best possible margins in the LMS industry  and we offer training and support to ensure your greatest chance of success.

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