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The Benefits of Working with a Responsive LMS

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

Responsive LMS

The continued growth in the use of mobile devices has led to an accompanying increased demand for “mobile learning” technologies. For eLearning designers, this means that more of their planning and design must revolve around a new and increasing requirement for content that can be accessed and viewed on mobile devices, rather than focusing exclusively on desktop and laptop use. The quality of the user experience has a tremendous impact on the success of any eLearning program. And so, it is important to consider the deployment of a responsive Learning Management System (LMS) in order to deliver a quality user experience that meets the expectations of today’s learners.

What is a Responsive LMS?

A Responsive LMS provides the ability to deliver learning content that learners can access from a variety of platforms, such as mobile phones, ipads, desktops, and laptops. With a responsive LMS, the varying screen sizes of these devices do not present a challenge, since the content is automatically aligned to fit the device being used. Under this approach, the LMS does not serve as the focal point of the learning experience but, instead, acts as the facilitator for online learning and skills development.

The Benefits of a Responsive LMS

If your organization is considering the deployment of an LMS for your eLearning program, some of the benefits you can expect in choosing a responsive LMS can include:

Making Learning Content Available Across Mobile Devices

A responsive LMS enables learning content to be seamlessly integrated across platforms and devices. This can be beneficial as today’s learners tend to work with several different mobile devices. And most users prefer to have seamless interactions that can incorporate these various devices without compromising the learning experience.

Consistent User Experience

By offering your learners the same experience, regardless of the device they are using, your learners will be able to apply greater concentration to their learning materials, rather than technical challenges.

Higher Completion Rates

In choosing a responsive LMS, you are giving your users the freedom to work from their favorite device(s) and adding an element of convenience in that they can work from anywhere they choose, as long as they have an Internet connection. This level of convenience leads to greater levels of engagement and higher course completion rates.

Increased Retention Rates

Learning of all kinds, including online learning, should be an engaging experience. When users are able to interact with content, they are more likely to comprehend and retain it. A responsive LMS provides an environment where learning professionals can share high-level, entertaining content that will create a unique experience and provide users with the best opportunity for retention of the information.

LMS Portals for a Responsive Learning Experience

LMS Portals provides a powerful, responsive platform for corporate online learning. LMS Portals clients and partners are able to launch and manage multiple eLearning environments on-demand, each with its own branding and unique user experience. And the system includes robust supporting tools for user onboarding, messaging, knowledge management, analytics, and more.

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