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Multi-Tenant LMS for Training Companies

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Multi-Tenant LMS for Training Companies

Corporate training companies in search of a learning management system (LMS) can often command a higher price for their training services by offering private eLearning environments to their clients. A multi-tenant LMS allows training companies to provide this to their clients by enabling them to launch a branded, customized training portal to support each of their client engagements. And through multitenancy, you can manage all of your various client eLearning environments though a single, centralized administrative console. All of this makes a multi-tenant LMS an extremely valuable tool for all types of corporate training companies.

Single Tenancy v. Multi-Tenancy

To fully understand a multi-tenant LMS architecture, it may be best to first review the attributes of single tenancy. In a single tenant architecture, there is just one instance of the LMS software and its supporting infrastructure to serve a single customer and training engagement. In this single tenancy approach, each client has their own dedicated database and instance of the LMS application. There is no sharing of any kind with this architecture.

A multi-tenant LMS, on the other hand, is an architecture where a single instance of the LMS application and its supporting components supports multiple customers. In multitenancy, each customer shares the LMS application. They also share a single database. However, each client’s data is separate and is not visible to other clients.

The Benefits of a Multi-Tenant LMS for Training Companies

For training companies, a multi-tenant LMS provides an infrastructure that can support your entire base of clients as it allows you to deploy individual, customized portals. Essentially, these are independent instances of the LMS platform. Your training company manages all of the activities from a centralized administrative console, but your clients enjoy a unique training experience.

Some of the benefits of a multi-tenant LMS for training companies include:

Quick Startup

With a multi-tenant LMS, your training company can quickly “spin up” new instances of the system as you bring on new training clients and engagements. You can also easily “tear down” a training environment at the end of an engagement.

Branded Environments

Many multi-tenant LMS vendors allow you to brand each instance of the software specifically for the client it supports. Branding elements often include logos, images, titles, favicons and more.


In a multi-tenant LMS architecture, any product upgrades and updates released by the vendor are instantly propagated across all of your deployed training portals. This efficient approach to the management of the infrastructure helps ensure that each of your clients is working with the “latest and greatest” version of the LMS platform.


The opportunity to efficiently scale the infrastructure is one of the greatest benefits of a multi-tenant LMS for training companies as it allows you to efficiently launch and manage any number of environments without restricting your opportunity for growth and revenue generation.

The LMS Portal Multi-Tenant Platform for Training Companies

LMS Portals provides our training company partners with a powerful, cloud-based multi-tenant platform to support their training operations. Using LMS Portals, your system administrators can build and launch new training environments for your clients on-demand. And each training portal can have its own branding, user onboarding, collaboration and messaging, analytics, and more.

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