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An LMS for HIPAA Employee Training

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

LMS for HIPAA Employee Training

HIPAA and patient privacy are critically important in all areas of healthcare. Given this, HIPAA training for healthcare employees is a crucial component of an organization’s efforts to protect patient health information (PHI) and guard against the fines and penalties a breach of these rules can bring.

While in the past, the only training option for most healthcare organizations was classroom-based teaching sessions, online learning (or “eLearning”) is now the preferred approach by most companies that need to provide both initial HIPAA training to employees, as well as ongoing training for the protection and benefit of the organization. And the core technology that supports all areas of eLearning for employee learning and development, including HIPAA training, is a learning management system (LMS).

The Benefits of a Cloud LMS vs. On-Premises

A learning management system is the software application that supports all types of eLearning programs, including healthcare and HIPAA training programs. While some organizations choose to deploy an on-premises LMS, they tend to be very large companies that have the in-house resources required to launch and manage the system. For the majority of small to medium-sized healthcare organizations, a cloud or “SaaS-based” LMS offered by a third-party vendor is a better option.

Some of the benefits a cloud-based LMS can offer include:

Minimal Up-Front Investment

In choosing to go with a cloud-based LMS, you eliminate the need for large, up-front capital investments in software, hardware, and other supporting infrastructure as all of this has been taken care of by the cloud LMS vendor.

Minimal Ongoing Costs

A cloud LMS vendor also takes care of all of the ongoing costs and efforts around system management and maintenance. This saves your company labor and frees up your IT staff for other initiatives.


One of the challenges in deploying an on-premises LMS is in planning and deploying with an eye toward future growth needs. In doing so, you are paying for capacity that your do not currently (and may never) need. Most cloud LMS offerings remedy this by allowing you to sign-up for and access only the capacity you need at any given time through a subscription-based offering.


Cloud LMS offerings enable you to add features and capacity as your needs grow and change over time. And you are able to scale the system without having to deploy any additional software or hardware capacity.

The Benefits of a Cloud LMS for HIPAA Employee Training

Give the critical and time-sensitive nature of HIPAA training, along with the need to demonstrate compliance through training, an LMS can offer an ideal technology to serve as the foundation of your program.

LMS technology allows you to build and deliver training content quickly and in a consistent way to ensure that all employees are receiving the same, up-to-date content. And most LMS platforms include robust tracking and reporting tools that allow you to track employee participation and success in your HIPAA training programs for review and audit purposes.

In addition, working with an LMS eliminates many of the expenses associated with traditional, classroom-based training, such as travel, catering costs, on-site instructor fees, and the cost of printing and distributing training materials.

LMS Portals: A Cloud LMS for HIPAA Employee Training

LMS Portals offers a cloud-based, multi-tenant LMS that allows our clients and partners to launch and manage private eLearning environments (portals) to support all types of corporate learning and training programs, including HIPAA training. Using LMS Portals, you can dynamically launch new training portals on-demand. And each portal has its own corporate branding, user onboarding, messaging and collaboration tools, analytics, and more.

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