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eLearning for SaaS Revenue Streams

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

SaaS Revenue Streams

LMS Portals provides a powerful platform that enables our partners to build SaaS revenue streams through eLearning. Using our system, your organization can quickly and easily launch and manage private eLearning environments on-demand in order to create new revenue streams for your consulting or corporate training organization. And each portal you launch can be customized to meet your specific training objective for that client for both short and long-term training engagements.

What is eLearning?

eLearning refers to the use of electronic technologies (typically, the Internet) to build and deliver learning and training courses and content. Due to its convenience and cost-effectiveness, eLearning has emerged as a cornerstone approach to corporate training initiatives, with more than 90% of companies indicating that they are planning to incorporate some level of eLearning into their employee development programs by the end of 2020.

The SaaS Model for eLearning

Software as a Service, or “SaaS” is an approach to technology delivery through which centrally hosted software is made available to customers through a subscription plan. Any company that offers its software through a centralized, cloud-based platform is referred to as a SaaS company.

In a SaaS model, the vendor owns the responsibility for acquiring and maintain the servers, the database(s), and any supporting software that enables their system to be accessed. The subscription plans these vendors offer their clients can vary as some SaaS models may offer multiple uses within their product. As such, the various subscription plans may grant access to different services.

Generally speaking, the primary benefits for SaaS-based vendors can include:

Recurring Payments

SaaS-based vendors enjoy an opportunity to create recurring revenue streams by selling subscriptions to their services.

Centralized Management

Unlike a software distribution model, SaaS delivery allows your company to manage all of your software infrastructure from a single centralized location. This approach tends to minimize your total-cost-of-ownership (TCO) and ensures that all of your clients are working from the currently available version of your system.

Easier Sales Process

In most cases, selling access to your software via the SaaS model is an easier sale, compared to selling software that your clients must run on-premises. This is because SaaS delivery eliminates your client’s need to purchase and manage hardware on which to run the software and minimizes their TCO as your company assumes the responsibility of managing the environment and ensuring the availability of the software.

LMS Portals for eLearning SaaS Revenue Streams

LMS Portals provides our partners with a SaaS-based platform to launch and manage private eLearning environments in order to create new revenue streams through corporate training. Using our platform, your organization can quickly and easily launch and manage eLearning environments for your clients, on-demand, in order to create new SaaS-based revenue streams for your organization.

The portals you launch can be used to support both short and long-term training engagements and each portal offers:

Unique Branding

Add logos, images, favicons, and other branding elements to each portal you launch.

User Onboarding

Leverage streamlined tools to easily bring new users onto the portal and directly into the courses and learning paths that are relevant to them.

Messaging and Collaboration

Provide your students with messaging and collaboration tools to support and enhance their online learning experience.


Capture and review detailed analytics to measure user engagement and success.

Contact us today to get started for free!

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