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eLearning and HR Management Services

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

HR Management Services

The efficient management of employees is one of the toughest challenges small businesses owners face. When small business owners take on the task of managing human resource responsibilities, they often discover that labor-intensive HR management negatively impacts their ability to focus on their core business. This challenge is exacerbated if the company is split into multiple offices and locations. In this case, efforts to capture and manage HR data and communications can become expensive and inefficient.

What is HR Management?

Human Resources (HR) Management refers to strategies for managing the various facets associated with employees within a business. Human resource management services are offered to maximize a company’s productivity by optimizing the talents of its employees. An HR Management Services organization can provide such things as staffing, employee compensation management, and job designation services for companies of all sizes and from most any industry.

Today, small businesses owners look to HR Management Services organizations to acquire comprehensive services for running their human resources functions. Some of the key component an owner can expect from HR Management Services can include:

  • Needs assessment for HR operations

  • Compliance review and recommendations

  • Organizational and staff planning and development

  • Strategic development of job specifications and postings

  • Applicant tracking, screening, interviewing and hiring process management

  • Record keeping and administration

  • Training solutions for company and job role ‘best practices”

  • Employee onboarding and orientation processes

  • Performance reviews and management

  • Staff relations and communication strategies

  • Administration of compensation and benefits

  • Separation procedures and management

These are all critical elements of effective HR management that require close attention and effective management, given their impact on your organization.

eLearning and HR Management Services

Among the key components often included in effective HR management is the development of strategies for employee onboarding and training. In recent years, as SaaS-based technologies have continued to evolve, eLearning has emerged as a cornerstone for building, delivering, and managing staff training and development programs.

Unlike classroom-based training, eLearning is a cost-effective solution that offers employees the opportunity to conduct their learning activities at any time and from any place. It also allows them to learn at their own pace, rather than the pace set by an Instructor.

And eLearning includes the opportunity to capture valuable analytics data that allows you to track user engagement and progress. The ongoing review of this information will enable you to make informed decisions as you grow and revise your eLearning program over time.

LMS Portals and HR Management Services

LMS Portals provides a powerful SaaS-based platform for eLearning management. We work with HR Management Services companies, as well as directly with small business owners, to provide this cost-effective solution for employee training on your own corporate-branded eLearning portal.

Contact us today to get started for free!

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