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Build Your Own Hospital Learning Management System (LMS)

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

Hospital LMS

A hospital’s most important asset is its staff. To continually deliver high-quality patient care, the hospital staff must develop their skills and knowledge on an ongoing basis. Offering an effective training program has also proven to make hospital staff employees more happy with their jobs and less likely to leave your organization.

As the shortage of healthcare provider talent continue to grow, hospital and health system training and development programs have become increasingly important in delivering quality patient care. But given the high number of employees in most hospitals varying roles and responsibilities among the staff, building and managing training programs in hospitals and health presents a significant challenge. A hospital Learning Management Systems can make the training process much easier to implement and manage.

Best Practices for Hospital Learning Management

When considering the development of a training program for your hospital employees, some of the best practices to consider include:

Build training programs that support various learning styles- Your learning content should offer media that supports a variety of learning styles (e.g. visual, verbal, hands-on)

Offer interactive activities- Group sessions, games and other interactive activities can help make training programs more participatory, which often leads to increased engagement and retention

Leverage computer-based training programs- While some training modules are well-suited for classroom-based training, many can be accomplished via online learning

Customize information for your own organization- Wherever possible, customize aspects of your training program so that the content speaks specifically to the challenges and working environment of your healthcare system

Consider your employee training demand- One of the greatest benefits of offering employee training is in making your employees feel like you are support their career growth. Make them part of the process as you determine they types of training programs you will offer

Measure your success- Take the time to measure your employee engagement and success metrics and leverage the analysis of that data as you work to improve your training program over time

What is a Learning Management System?

A Learning Management System or “LMS” is a software-based platform that facilitates and supports the delivery, management, and analysis of an organization’s eLearning program. For hospitals today, an LMS is a critical component of an effective learning strategy.

Learning management systems can deliver a variety of learning strategies leveraging different formats. And continued advancements in learning technology can provide support for ever-changing learner needs. Today’s LMSs offer improved data collection tools and support such things as gamification and mobile learning to help maximize employee engagement, increase productivity and help drive continuous learning and skill development.

The Benefits of Implementing a Hospital Learning Management System

If your hospital is considering the deployment of an LMS, some of the benefits you can expect include:


Online training online is convenient for employees, instructors, and administrators. For learners, courses can be completed from any location that offers an Internet connection (and in some cases, offline training is supported). In addition, an LMS allows employees to learn at their own pace and in a manner that best supports their learning style.


Compared to classroom training, LMS training can be deployed with very low costs. Online learning eliminates such expenses as travel, catering, venue fees and other charges. And because employees can learn on their own schedule, LMS training does not cut into employee productivity time.


With online learning and an LMS, new training programs can be built and delivered very quickly. And students can access this new learning content as soon as it is deployed.


An effective LMS offers analytics to allow your organization to measure the effectiveness of your programs in order to continuously refine your learning offerings. User completion, scoring, feedback, and other metrics can all feed into your ongoing learning program analysis.

LMS Portals for Your Hospital LMS

LMS Portals provides a powerful cloud-based platform for building, managing, and measuring your hospital eLearning activities. Our system allows you to build your own customized hospital eLearning portal to match your corporate branding and incorporate your learning technology into your existing website infrastructure.

Contact us to get started today!

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