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An LMS for GDPR Consultants

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

GDPR Consultants

LMS Portals provides a Learning Management System (LMS) platform that allows our GDPR consulting partners to build new revenue streams by adding eLearning to their client offerings. As the need for remote learning and training continues to grow, compliance consultants of all types, including GDPR consultants, are looking to incorporate eLearning into their offerings in order to provide their clients with the knowledge and training they need to understand and adhere to this relatively new and stringent compliance regulation.

The eLearning Revenue Opportunity

Experts agree that eLearning is the future for all kinds of corporate training. In fact, market research firm Global Industry Analysts, who predicted that eLearning would exceed $107 Billion in 2015 (which it did), now expect triple that revenue by 2025, making eLearning a $325 Billion industry by that year. This demand for eLearning presents a powerful revenue opportunity for GDPR consultants looking to create and diversity their revenue streams through a highly efficient and cost-effective form of client engagement and training.

An LMS for GDPR Consultants
LMS Portals: Customized Portals for GDPR Consulting and Training

The Benefits of eLearning for GDPR Consultants and their Clients

In recent years, as cloud technologies have continued to evolve, corporate organizations have sought to make eLearning a cornerstone for their employee training initiatives. The benefits for both GDPR consultants and their clients include:


When compared to traditional, classroom-based training, eLearning is seen as a more cost-effective approach as it eliminates the need to pay for such things as travel, venues, catering, and the printing and distribution of learning materials.


eLearning is a convenient approach to training for both students and instructors as it allows them to conduct their training activities at a time and location that is convenient for them. All that is required is an Internet connection.


With eLearning, you can quickly build and deliver new courses and materials to accommodate urgent and evolving training demands.


eLearning provides the ability to capture and review detailed data regarding student engagement and success. The ongoing review of these analytics can be extremely valuable as you look to grow and enhance your eLearning program over time.

An LMS for GDPR Consultants
LMS Portals: Detailed Reporting for GDPR Training and Progress

LMS Portals for GDPR Consultants

LMS Portals provides our GDPR consulting partners with a unique platform to support their eLearning client offerings.

Some of the unique aspects of our platform include:


LMS Portals is a multi-tenant platform in that it allows you to build and manage multiple customized eLearning environments on-demand, all from a single centralized console. This enables you to deliver private eLearning environments to your clients for both short and long-term engagements.


Each portal you release can have its own unique branding elements, including logo, images, favicon, and more.

Student Onboarding

The system provides supporting tools to bring new students onto their eLearning portals and directly into the courses and learning paths that are relevant to them.

Messaging and Collaboration

Within each portal, you can offers collaboration and messaging among students and between students and instructors. This opportunity for communication has proven to enhance the online learning process.


Each portal offers the ability to capture and review detailed data regarding user engagement and the level of success they are having with the learning program.

An LMS for GDPR Consultants
LMS Portals: Multi-Tenant (multi-client) Architecture for GDPR Consulting and Employee Training

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