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The Features and Benefits of a Corporate LMS

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

Corporate LMS

The opportunity to develop employee skills and knowledge is high on the list of important factors in today’s business organizations. Forward-thinking companies now understand that learning can have as powerful an impact on recruitment and retention as it can on employee development.

In the past, the primary goal of corporate training programs was to simply close the skill gap of employees. The recent advancements of eLearning technologies have made corporate training a critical factor for ensuring maximum contributions from the workforce while keeping employees on the cutting-edge of skill and knowledge development.

Today, a Corporate Learning Management Systems (or Corporate LMS) provides an effective and flexible means of for providing ongoing learning and training.

What is a Learning Management System?

A Learning Management System (LMS) is a software-based platform that enables the development, delivery, management, and measurement of an organization’s corporate eLearning program.

A Learning Management System is a powerful tool for any organization seeking to improve the performance of its workforce while maximizing employee retention. Most LMS platforms are cloud-based software solutions that organizations utilize as the foundation of their corporate training programs. Given that, an LMS has become an organization’s core technology used for employee learning and development.

The Benefits of a Corporate LMS

If your company is debating the merits and value of deploying a Corporate LMS, here are some of the benefits you can expect from a good Corporate LMS:

Increased Employee Productivity

An effective Corporate LMS will lead to better trained and more knowledgeable employees regarding your company’s products and services. It can even lead to a more informed workforce about the industry in which you operate and how it is evolving. What’s more, highly-trained employees who contribute to the success of the organization are more likely to be happy workers who remain loyal to the company.

Immediate Delivery of Content

An LMS will centralize your training activities and data storage. It keeps all the learning content in a single consolidated system so that administrators do not need to search through numerous systems and files. And when all your training content is in one place, training can be delivered quickly and easily. This allows employees to acquire new knowledge and skills as quickly as possible.

Reduction in Training Costs

In the past, training employees needed to be a resource-intensive endeavor that included travel, venue, meals, and other expenses. Online training reduces and even eliminates many of these expenses while delivering a more personalized user experience in which students can learn at their own pace and at their convenience.

A More Effective Training Program

To evaluate the impact of a corporate training program and to improve it over time, companies must be able to collect data about attendance, course completion, results, feedback, and more. Collection of these data assets is easier when leveraging an LMS. Data analysis can provide a quick and complete overview of each piece of content with the goal of consistently improving the program and the learning experience.

LMS Portals: A Corporate LMS Platform

LMS Portals provides a powerful, cloud-based Learning Management System that serves as the foundation of a Corporate LMS. In addition to online course development and delivery, the LMS Portals platform provides tools for online communication and collaboration, program feedback, employee recognition and rewards, and more.

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