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The Benefits of Business Process Optimization Consulting

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

One of the primary factors in the success and growth of an organization is process improvement and optimization. Every company can benefit from the improvement of their processes to minimize waste, cuts costs, streamline processes, and ensure consistency in commonly repeated activities. And while many companies understand the potential benefits from business process improvement, they are often unsure of how to achieve these objectives.

Business Process Optimization (BPO) Consulting is an engagement designed to examine your company’s current productivity to understand your critical processes. The goal is to streamline these processes to decrease your operational costs, improve customer service and response times, and become leaner as an organization. To achieve this, the consulting team works as an extension of your team in order to implement initiatives that bring significant return-on-investment (ROI).

Five Benefits of Working with a Business Process Optimization Consultant

To achieve success, a Business Process Optimization consulting engagement starts with documenting and analyzing your current processes to find the areas in which you could benefit from a revised approach. It is then about and putting those new practices in place and ensuring understanding and adoption by your employees through proper training.

Three benefits you can expect from a BPO Consulting engagement can include:

Decreased Costs

Your investment in a BPO consulting engagement should lead to significant cost savings and may help to produce funding to fuel business expansion. A good consultant will help you to manage resources more effectively, which in turn will maximize company profitability.

Greater Efficiency

A good process optimization consulting engagement will help your company find ways to work more efficiently. Through the optimization process, you can identify and eliminate unnecessary steps to various workflows and apply automation where possible. At the same time, you may reduce errors and eliminate duplications in your work processes.

Enhanced Accountability

Optimizing your processes allows you to gain full visibility to every step of your processes, which makes it easier to monitor employee performance. Through optimization, you gain clarity regarding which employees own which process and how each step integrates with the rest of your operations. This enables you to and identify bottlenecks and implement process and performance improvements.

The Importance of Employee Training for Business Process Optimization

Many BPO consulting organizations will incorporate an employee training element into their engagement to ensure that employees acquire the proper awareness and skills to carry forth the enhancements that have been identified and implemented.

To achieve the greatest possible result, the employee training component will include the following elements:

Communicate the Business Goals

The first step in the employee training process is in sharing the business goals that were defined as part of the BPO consulting engagement. Gaining employee “buy in” is critical to the success of the program.

Identify the Skills Gaps

The next step is in determining how well your employee’s current skill sets match the skill requirements to implement the new processes. This calls for an analysis of the gaps between current and desired employee skills to be successful. Your employee training should then be structured with the goal of closing these gaps.

Build and Segment Your Training

The good news, for most organizations, is that your employee training can then be deployed in such a way that each worker only needs to acquire the skills that are relevant to their specific job role. Given this, you can build courses and learning paths to accomplish specific training objectives, without overwhelming your employees.

Monitor Progress

The only way to know whether your employee training element is effective is in putting processes in place to monitor employee progress and assess this against the overall operational efficiencies and the goals set through your consulting engagement. For most companies, an ongoing employee training component is the best way to ensure ongoing understanding and employee adherence to your new processes.

LMS Portals for BPO Consulting and eLearning

LMS Portals provides a cloud-based, multi-tenant Learning Management System (LMS) platform to implement the employee training component of a Business Process Optimization consulting engagement. Using the LMS Portals platform, you can quickly launch and manage multiple customized eLearning environments, all from a single console. And each portal includes its own branding, onboarding tools, messaging components, analytics, and more.

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