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The Benefits of a SaaS LMS

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

Benefits of a SaaS LMS

As businesses of all sizes continue to understand and experience the value of employee training for building and maintaining a competitive edge in today’s increasingly complex work environments, online learning or “eLearning” has emerged as a cornerstone for these programs. And the foundational technology that supports employee learning training programs is the Learning Management System (LMS).

While some large organizations choose to deploy their LMS platforms on-premises, the majority of small to medium-sized business prefer to leverage software-as-a-service (SaaS) as the delivery model for this technology.

What is SaaS Delivery?

SaaS is a method of offering the use of software applications as a service over the Internet by third-party vendors. SaaS-based applications eliminate the need for installing and maintaining software as all of this is taken care of by the SaaS vendor. The client company simply accesses the application via a web browser, thus freeing their IT staff from the challenges associated with complex software and hardware management.

With SaaS applications, the provider manages access to the software, and oversees all aspects of its security, availability, and performance.

Some of the specific benefits of SaaS delivery include:

Low Startup Costs

SaaS applications are generally offered on a subscription-basis and have no requirement for large, up-front investments in software and supporting infrastructure. The SaaS vendor handles all the IT infrastructure setup and maintenance, resulting in purely operational costs for their clients.

Fast Deployment

In working with a SaaS vendor, clients can typically be up-and-running with their use of the application very quickly since the vendor already has everything in place for its delivery and use. Typically, all the client needs to do is choose a plan to get started.

On-Demand Capacity

While on-premises deployments of applications typically require you to roll out the application in such a way that you can plan for future growth (and therefore pay for capacity that you don’t currently need), SaaS applications allow you to access the precise capacity your company needs at any given time.


Most SaaS applications are available to authorized users at any time and from any place. This high level of accessibility and convenience can be particularly beneficial for LMS applications, where users often need a great deal of flexibility in conducting their learning activities.


SaaS vendors are often able to achieve a level of security that most companies cannot achieve on their own. And SaaS vendors are able to spread these costs across their entire client base, making the achievement of this high level of security more affordable.

LMS Portals for SaaS-Based Learning Management

LMS Portals offers a SaaS-based LMS that allows our clients and partners to build and deliver private, customized eLearning environments on-demand. Some of the benefits of working with the LMS Portals SaaS LMS offering include:

Dynamic Deployment

LMS Portals allows you to deploy new customized learning portals on-demand, as your needs arise. This allows you to create a unique learning experience for each of your audiences.


Each portal you launch has its own customizable branding elements, including images, logos, titles, favicons, and more.

User Onboarding

The system includes powerful tools for bringing new users onto the portal and into the specific courses and learning paths that are relevant to them.

Messaging and Collaboration

Each portal includes powerful tools for messaging and collaboration between students and instructors. This opportunity for communication and collaboration can support and enhance the students’ online learning experience.

Detailed Analytics

In segmenting your audiences to separate learning portals, you can more precisely collect and measure user engagement and success metrics.

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