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Repurposing Corporate Training Materials for Your LMS

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

Corporate Training Materials for LMS

A great way to get started with a new corporate training program is in looking at your existing content to determine which pieces can be re-purposed for use in your Learning Management System (LMS). If your company has been in business for some time, chances are that you have created a good amount of learning and marketing materials that can provide significant value for corporate training and can be easily utilized on your LMS. In fact, re-purposing of corporate training materials for eLearning and an LMS is a great way to take valuable materials and put them in front of new learning and training audiences in a structured course format.

The Benefits of Working with an LMS for Corporate Training

Numerous studies have shown that companies that provide corporate training will see an increase in income per employee as well as higher profit margins. Therefore, investments in employee training can be highly profitable. In recent years, as cloud-based technologies have continued to evolve, eLearning has emerged as the cornerstone for employee training and development. And the foundational technology for corporate training via eLearning is an LMS.

An LMS is a software application for building, delivering, and managing corporate training and eLearning programs. While some large organizations choose to house their own LMS platforms on-premises, most companies today (especially small and mid-sized businesses) tend to prefer utilizing a cloud-based LMS offered by third-party vendors.

What Types of Corporate Training Materials Can an LMS Support?

As you look through your existing corporate training materials for potential re-purposing to an LMS, the good news is that most of the content types you have will likely be supported by your LMS. These often include:


Video is considered to be one of the most effective types of content for corporate training. And most LMSs will support video that resides on third-party services (such as YouTube or Vimeo) and will also offer you the option to upload the video to their servers in MP4 or some other supported video format.

Recorded Webinars and Training Sessions

A specific piece of video content that can be highly valuable for re-purpose to an LMS is in previously recorded webinars and training sessions. In fact, if they are thorough enough, they can serve as stand-alone pieces of content to create an entire course and you can simply add tests and quizzes to ensure and measure learner comprehension of the material.


While HTML5 is a relatively new content type, many companies have leveraged it as a stand-alone piece of interactive training content. Many LMSs support HTML5, thus allowing you to re-purpose this content as part of a larger training course and learning path.

PDFs and Other Documents (Word, Text, etc.)

Many companies have large volumes of content in PDF and other document formats. And the good news is that much of this content can serve as valuable pieces of materials in corporate training, as most LMSs do support all types of document files.

LMS Portals: A Corporate Training LMS

LMS Portals is a cloud-based, multi-tenant learning management system that allows our clients and partners to launch and manage multiple, private eLearning environments in support of corporate training. Using LMS portals, you can easily re-purpose all kinds of existing corporate training content to build exciting and engaging eLearning and corporate training courses. And each portal you launch can have its own branding, user onboarding, collaboration and messaging tools, analytics, and more.

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