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Multi-Portal LMS Software for Corporate Training

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

Multi-Portal LMS for Corporate Training

As the complexity surrounding the global work environment continues to increase, companies of all sizes and from every industry are increasing their efforts to develop effective corporate training and workforce development programs. New and more stringent compliance regulations, advancing technologies, and increasingly diverse work cultures are among the factors that are driving the need for enhanced employee training efforts in order to build and maintain a competitive edge while ensuring that your staff is operating effectively, ethically, and professionally.

However, as workforces become increasingly remote (a trend that was already in motion, even before COVID-19), traditional, classroom-based training has become less feasible. Instead, online learning or “eLearning” has emerged as the preferred method for employee training as it offers:

Support of Remote Workforces

eLearning offers a higher level of convenience than classroom-based training ever could as it allows employees to conduct their training activities at any time and from any location. All that is required is an Internet connection.

Decreased Costs

eLearning eliminates the heavy overhead expenses associated with classroom-based training, such as travel, lodging, and on-site instructor fees.

Fast Turnaround

While classroom-based training requires a significant lead time to prepare and arrange for in-person presentation of training materials, eLearning allows you to develop and deliver new and updated training content very quickly, which is particularly beneficial in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing corporate climate.


One of the challenges for students in classroom-based training is in the need to keep up with he pace set by the instructor. eLearning eliminates this challenge by allowing students to conduct their learning activities at their own pace and spend as much time as they need to on any particular piece of content before moving on to the next section.

Working with Learning Management System Software for Corporate Training

The core technology that supports all types of eLearning programs, including corporate training, is a Learning Management System, or “LMS”. An LMS is the software application used to create, deliver, and track your corporate training program. While LMS technology has been available for a number of years, two specific developments regarding the delivery and architecture of the technology can offer significant benefits for corporate training programs.

Cloud-Based LMS Delivery

While some companies choose to “stand up” their own LMS on-premises, they tend to be large organizations that have the capital available for this project. The alternative, a cloud-based LMS offered by a third-party vendor, allows you to access state-of-the-art LMS technology without having to make large up-front investments in software, hardware, and the supporting infrastructure. And with a cloud LMS, the vendor take responsibility for making sure the application is secure and available.

Multi-Tenant LMS Architecture

A more recent development in LMS architecture, is the option for multitenancy. In a multi-tenant, or “multi-portal” delivery, you can create multiple instances of the LMS application to support your different learning audiences. Each portal you launch can be branded and customized to meet the specific needs of that segment of your training community.

LMS Portals- Multi-Portal Architecture for Corporate Training

LMS Portals provides a cloud-based, multi-tenant learning management system that allows our clients and partners to utilize a multi-portal approach to their corporate training programs. Using our system, you can quickly (within minutes) “spin up” new instances of the application (portals) to support the unique training needs of your various audiences. In this way you can segment and scale your corporate training program in any way you choose. And each portal you launch can have its own custom branding, onboarding system, messaging and collaboration tools, analytics, and more.

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