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Human Resource Solutions for eLearning

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

Human Resource Solutions

Today, the rapid and ongoing development of communication and information technologies, along with increased pressures for safety and compliance have made employee training a critical element in achieving a competitive advantage for most any company.

Fortunately, training and development delivered via online technologies, often referred to as ‘eLearning, provides organizations with an opportunity to deliver customized, robust training programs at a much lower cost than traditional, classroom-based methods.

Types of eLearning for Human Resources

As most human resources professionals know, building programs to increase employee productivity can be a challenge. But in recent years, as online technologies have continued to evolve, eLearning has emerged as a practical and cost-effective option to drive increased productivity through education and training.

Through effective eLearning programs, the following human resources functions can often be delivered more quickly and at a fraction of the cost than was possible in years past.

Recruiting and Training: eLearning and help to systematically and cost-effectively onboard new employees to your company and corporate culture. This is especially valuable for companies that tend to hire new employees in large numbers, as well as for organizations that employ workers in remote locations.

Employee Productivity: Many eLearning courses and programs center around helping employees develop and hone the unique skills they require to perform their job roles at the highest possible level.

Career Development: Given the high cost associated with employee turnover, most companies are interested in cost-effective ways to keep their best employees. eLearning programs can help support the development of worker career paths to enhance employee job satisfaction and inspire company loyalty.

Regulatory Compliance: For many companies, ensuring that your employees are aware of and adhering to relevant compliance standards is a critical endeavor. HIPAA, GDPR, PCI, and other regulations bring compliance requirements that can be best explained to employees through effective and ongoing eLearning programs.

The Benefits of eLearning for Human Resources

For many human resource departments, eLearning now serves as a cornerstone for employee onboarding and training as it offers a number of powerful advantages over traditional, classroom-based training.


eLearning eliminates many of the costs associated with classroom-based training, such as travel, catering, and venue fees. It also eliminates lost productivity costs by allowing employees to conduct their training activities after hours.


Employees can conduct eLearning activities at any time and from any place that is convenient for them. All that is required is an Internet connection.


eLearning makes it easy for students to learn at their own pace by allowing them to spend as much time as they need to on any given piece of learning content.


Many eLearning platforms include tools for online communication among students or between students and instructors. These tools can help support an effective learning experience and provide an easy way to collect user feedback.

Data Exchange

Often, human resources professionals must distribute the same content to different employees or distribute different materials to a single group. An eLearning platform allows for the uploading, storing and sharing of content with the appropriate employees.


eLearning makes is easy for administrators and instructors to track to engagement and progress of users. The analysis of this data is important as you evaluate the success of your learning programs and work to optimize them over time.

Human Resource Solutions for eLearning from LMS Portals

LMS Portals provides a cloud-based platform that allows human resources professionals to launch and manage their own corporate-branded eLearning portal. Our system enables the quick and easy development and delivery of customized training courses and includes tools for employee onboarding, online communication, data collection and analysis, and more.

Contact us today to get started for free!

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