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Put Your Corporate Human Resources Courses Online

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

Human Resources Courses Online

As the percentage of the technology-savvy millennials increases in the corporate world, the use of online learning or “eLearning” tools should rise, as well. But beyond just pleasing the younger members of the workforce, eLearning tools are increasingly seen as vitally important for employee training. As online technologies continue to evolve, eLearning has provided benefits to almost every sector out there, offering easier and more convenient accessibility to learning content while decreasing costs for organizations looking to expand the skill set of their employees.

Human Resources is a particular area of business that has experienced rapid growth and innovation in recent years. Providing courses online has proven to be a valuable tool for HR professionals looking to improve employee engagement while offering the learning content they need to help them increase their value to the company.

Challenges for Today’s Human Resources Employees

As the corporate word continues to evolve and change, so have the challenges for human resources departments. Some of the most significant challenges HR departments confront in today’s corporate climate include:

Communicate Compliance Issues

Many industries, including healthcare, financial services, construction, and others, must learn to operate within more stringent compliance regulations than ever before. The task for the HR department is to ensure employee awareness of these rules and regulations and provide strategies for effective operations within these guidelines.

Manage Changes and Restructuring

As companies grow, employee roles and responsibilities often change and expand accordingly. For HR, this can mean helping to ensure that employees are ready to take on leadership roles and that the entire workforce is kept apprised of changing reporting responsibilities.

Help Adapt to Innovation

As organizations invest in new technologies to streamline productivity and improve the bottom line, the responsibility often falls to HR to make sure that employees are trained to make the most effective use of these new systems.

Retain Talented Employees

In today’s competitive environment for talent, it is critical for the HR department to understand the factors that help companies retain valuable employees and deliver programs, compensation, and benefits that will make your best workers want to stay.

Three Ways to Leverage Human Resources Courses Online

If your organization is considering the use of online courses for your human resources staff and organization development, here are some of the benefits you can expect:

Learn to More Effectively Use Human Resources Tools

One of the primary things that is driving increasing change in the filed of Human Resources is the ongoing introduction of new technology to increase HR productivity. However, the introduction of these new tools has brought a learning curve that needs to be addressed by the organization to ensure the HR department is deriving maximum value from these systems.

Create Opportunities for Continued Education

Continuing education can present powerful opportunities for all employees, particularly those who work in Human Resources. When looking at HR and recruiting specifically, continuing education can help those professionals improve the way their employees are recruited, hired, on-boarded, trained, managed, and informed.

Ensure Balance Between Humans and Machines

Online training can help HR professionals learn to mange more effectively in a corporate world that is increasingly driven by artificial intelligence and robotic processing. And while these emerging technologies are extremely valuable for the company to keep pace, it is up to HR professionals to find and ensure a balance that includes a “human touch” in dealing with employees and understanding their goals and needs.

The Benefits of eLearning for Delivering Human Resources Courses

Over the last several years, eLearning has evolved as a cornerstone approach to all aspects of corporate training, including Human Resources. Some of the reasons for this include:


eLearning reduces or even eliminates many of the costs associated with in-person, classroom-based training, such as travel, venue fees, meals, on-site instructor fees, and the costs of distributing printed learning materials. And with eLearning, your Human Resources staff can conduct their learning activities after hours, so there is no need to pull them away from their job responsibilities.


Unlike classroom-based training, eLearning allows your employees to accomplish their training at any time and any place that is convenient for them. All that is required is Internet access.


One of the unfortunate aspects of classroom-based training is that all of the students must be able to learn at the pace set by the instructor. With eLearning, however, students can learn at their own pace and may choose to revisit complex or important materials multiple times before moving on to the next section.


Many eLearning platforms now offer tools for collecting and analyzing data in order to understand student performance and engagement. This data can be extremely valuable as you work to revise and improve your Human Resources learning program over time.

LMS Portals for Human Resources Courses Online

LMS Portals provides a cloud-based platform for the creation and delivery of human resources courses online. We offer pre-built classes that cover many of the most important HR topics or you can choose to build and run your own learning content. All on your own customized and branded eLearning portal.

Contact us to discuss a customized Human Resources

eLearning portal for your organization.

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