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eLearning for Technical Sales Training

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

Technical Sales Training

Building and maintaining a competitive advantage is critical for any technology company. The development of a knowledgeable and talented sales team is one of the most important ways for a company to succeed in this challenging environment. In fact, numerous studies have found that the competence of a technology salesperson is the single most important factor in leading to a prospect’s decision to make a purchase from your company. Given this, building the knowledge and skills of your technical sales team through a comprehensive training program can bring a tremendous return on investment.

How Training Can Benefit Your Sales Team

If your company is exploring the development of a training program for your sales team, some of the specific benefits you can expect include:

Increased Revenue

Simply put, a trained sales team is better prepared to find, develop, and close sales opportunities. In fact, many technology companies see increased sales revenues the very next quarter, following the completion of a training course or program.

Improved Communication

A well-trained salesperson is better able to effectively communicate the details of the products and services your company offers and the benefits of each. This enhanced level of communication can both shorten the sales process and lead to a higher level of revenue as the salesperson becomes better able to understand the customer’s needs and convey the most appropriate solution.

Better Objection Handling

A normal part of the sales process is in the prospect raising objections. These objections might be in the area of price, technical fit, timeframe for delivery or some other area. Through training, the salesperson can learn to listen to and sympathize with the prospect’s objections before communicating an alternative view or counterpoint.

Enhanced Closing Ability

For many technical salespeople, the most uncomfortable part of the process is in asking for the sale. Effective sales training often includes best practices and ideas for closing the sale in a timely manner, without seeming overly aggressive.

Four Specific Skills for Technical Sales Teams

If your company offers technical products or services, there are four specific skills you will want your sales team to acquire through training:

Identifying Opportunities

Technical sales representatives often need proper training to understand the details and use cases of a product or service offering so that they can recognize an opportunity to sell it when it arises.

Determining the Best Solution

Many technical offerings have a level of complexity and configuration options that require the salesperson to think critically when proposing a solution. The right training can help them to develop this important skill.

Understanding and Solving Implementation Challenges

To work successfully, a new solution often needs to integrate with a prospect’s existing technology and unique environment. It is imperative that the salesperson is able to gain an understanding of any challenges this may present and how to solve these challenges.

Providing Effective Follow Up

A well-trained technical salesperson understands that after the sale is completed, there may be opportunity for upsell and referrals. Knowing when and how to engage in these follow-up conversations can maximize the revenue from each sales opportunity.

eLearning for Technical Sales Training

In recent years, as cloud technologies have continued to evolve, online learning or “eLearning” has emerged as a cornerstone for effective technical sales training. Unlike classroom-based training, eLearning is convenient and cost-effective, as it does not necessitate expensive travel, catering, venue fees, and printed training materials.

LMS Portals for Cloud-Based Technical Sales Training

LMS Portals provides a powerful platform for technical sales training using a branded, customized eLearning portal. The system allows for the quick and easy development and delivery of powerful, interactive sales training courses and includes robust supporting tools for user onboarding, messaging, knowledge management, analytics, and more.

Contact us today to get started for free!

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