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Create a SaaS-Based eLearning Website

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

Create SaaS eLearning Website

SaaS-based eLearning is an ideal training option for any organization looking to eliminate the need for large up-front investments while minimizing the time to deployment. Unlike on-premise solutions, SaaS-based technologies allow you to leverage a proven and ready infrastructure and access the features and capacity your company needs for eLearning on a subscription basis.

What is SaaS-Based Computing?

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is one of the most popular forms of cloud computing as it presents a software distribution model in which a vendor makes applications and infrastructure available to their clients on a subscription basis. SaaS-based offerings provide a full software solution that is available on a pay-as-you-go basis and accessed via the Internet. With SaaS, all of the core infrastructure, application software, and data are hosted in the vendor’s data center. The vendor has the full responsibility of providing and managing the hardware and software and ensures the availability and the security of system. In a SaaS-based model, your organization is able to get up and running quickly with the features your company needs, at minimal up-front cost.

SaaS-Based eLearning

SaaS-based eLearning platforms are hosted by the vendor in the Cloud. This allows users to access the platform at any time and from anywhere in the world.

Some of the key benefits of choosing SaaS-based eLearning can include:

Minimal Up-Front Investment

SaaS-based eLearning allows companies to get up-and-running quickly without a need for large investments in hardware, software, hosting space, and the labor investments. With SaaS-based eLearning, the infrastructure is already available and managed by the vendor.

Easy Scalability

Unlike on-premise eLearning systems, SaaS-based offerings allow you easily to scale your use of the system as your needs grow and change over time. And with SaaS offerings, you simply pay for the features and usage level you need.

Central Repository

SaaS eLearning platforms host all of your data in the Cloud with no requirements to install anything locally. This opens up storage space for other resources while ensuring that all of your eLearning content files are securely stored in one location.

Increased Security

SaaS-based vendors offer a level of security that most organizations cannot attain in on-premise eLearning delivery. This is because SaaS vendors are able to invest heavily in security and spread these costs over their entire client base.

Launch Your Own SaaS-based eLearning Website

LMS Portals offers a powerful SaaS-based platform that allows your clients to launch their own corporate-branded eLearning websites. Our system eliminates the need for large up-front infrastructure investments and provides you with instant access to the eLearning features you need to deliver a comprehensive eLearning program to your employees.

And LMS Portals includes robust supporting tools for employee onboarding, messaging, knowledge management, analytics, and more.

Contact us today to get started for free!

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