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eLearning for Finance and Insurance Training Courses

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

eLeanring for Finance and Insurance Training

In recent years, staff training has emerged as a critical factor for employees in most every industry. A sound training program enables workers to understand and work within ever-changing organizational goals. For the financial and insurance sectors, employee training also provides an additional layer of security as workers must understand the guidelines in which they must operate in order to maintain compliance.

Employees within the financial sector must adhere to compliance standards within specific federal regulations. Frequent employee training helps to accomplish this by ensuring your employees remain qualified and up-to-date for their roles even with frequent changes in regulations.

The Benefits of eLearning for Finance and Insurance Training

As online technologies continue to evolve, eLearning, which refers to the development and delivery of learning content and programs in electronic format, has emerged as the cornerstone of employee training and development. This is particularly true in the finance and insurance industries which tend to operate under tighter restrictions than most other industries and are under more pressure to keep their employee skill sets and knowledge current.

Some of the benefits your organization can expect from the deployment of an eLearning program for your employees can include:


Unlike traditional classroom training, eLearning programs can be implemented and managed with minimal costs. In fact, eLearning eliminates expenses associated with travel, venue fees, meals, and other expenses that go along with in-person training. And with eLearning, your employees can accomplish their learning activities after work hours, in order to not impede your organization’s productivity.


eLearning provides financial and insurance employees with a high-level of convenience in accomplishing their learning objectives. In the fast paced and demanding financial services sector, this is critically important. With eLearning, your employees can conduct their learning activities at any time (even after hours) and from any location that offers an Internet connection (in fact, some eLearning activities can even be conducted offline).


With eLearning, new learning content can be developed and deployed very quickly to meet time-sensitive requirements. This is especially valuable when you want employees to understand new product offerings, regulations, policies or other materials as soon as possible.


With the right eLearning platform, your administrators will be able to view and measure results and analyze course feedback through immediate access to your relevant data. These measurements and data points can prove to be extremely valuable as to seek to revise and improve your eLearning programs over time.

LMS Portals for Finance and Insurance eLearning

LMS Portals provides a powerful cloud-based platform that enables our clients to build their own customized eLearning portals. Our platform allows you to match your own corporate branding in order to seamlessly integration your eLearning portal with your existing website infrastructure. And you can choose to offer your courses at no cost or charge a free and collect payment, if you choose.

Contact us to get started today!

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