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Corporate LMS Growth Projections and Reseller Opportunities

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

Corporate LMS Growth

The corporate learning management system (LMS) market refers to the software that companies use to drive and support their employee eLearning and online training programs. The size of this market is projected to increase from roughly $13.4 billion in 2020 to nearly $26 billion by 2025, which represents a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 14.0% during this period. This growth will be driven by an increasing preference for digital learning (over classroom-based training) coupled with a growing number of initiatives for corporate training as a strategy to increase competitiveness. The growth of this market will create significant revenue opportunities for both corporate LMS vendors and resellers of corporate LMS technologies.

The Benefits of a Corporate LMS

A corporate LMS is an eLearning system designed to support online programs for the development of employee knowledge and skills. Many companies further leverage the system for customer and partner training programs. A corporate LMS usually includes software components for building, delivering, and tracking these learning and training initiatives.

Common use cases for a corporate LMS include employee onboarding and orientation, skill development (both hard and soft skills), application and system training, and compliance awareness and training.

When compared to traditional, classroom-based training, a corporate LMS offers several significant advantages:

Cost Reduction

A corporate LMS reduces training costs by eliminating the need for such things as employee travel, on-site instructor fees, venue and catering costs, and the expenses associated with the printing and distribution of training materials.


In working with an LMS, employees can conduct their learning and training activities at any time and from any place. This level of convenience enhances the employee learning experience and can increase comprehension and retention.


For many employees, a challenge of classroom-based training is in the need to keep up with the pace set by the instructor. A corporate LMS can eliminate this concern by allowing employees to work through training materials at their own pace.


Many corporate LMS platforms include tools that support learner messaging and collaboration. This opportunity for communication among peers can support and improve the training experience while creating a dynamic learning environment.


In classroom-based training, it can be difficult for instructors and administrators to capture and review important data regarding user engagement and success. A corporate LMS however, often allows for the collection and reporting of detailed data associated with your training program.

Multi-Tenant Corporate LMS Reseller Opportunity

A multi-tenant LMS is a learning management system that enables the administrator to launch and manage multiple private eLearning environments from a centralized console. This corporate LMS architecture is ideal for organizations that are looking to leverage LMS technologies as it allows for the creation of a customized eLearning environment for each of your clients. And the multi-tenant LMS architecture provides significant efficiencies in that changes and updates to the platform are simultaneously propagated across all the various deployed environments.

LMS Portals Multi-Tenant LMS Reseller Opportunities

LMS Portals offers a cloud-based, multi-tenant corporate LMS platform that allows clients and partners to launch and manage multiple private eLearning environments. This multi-tenant architecture enables our reseller partners to create new revenue streams through the launch and management of a private eLearning environment for each of their clients.

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