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White Label Online Courses

LMS Portals White Label Online Courses

Powerful and Customizable eLearning Content

LMS Portals offers white label online courses to allow our clients to brand this eLearning content for their own corporate use.  In addition, we provide our partners the ability to brand these courses under their company name for resale purposes to their clients.

Our white label online course offerings include “off the shelf” eLearning materials for topics such as human resources, compliance training, soft skills, leadership development and more.  We also offer custom course development services for just about any corporate training content you may need.

What are White Label Online Courses?

White Label (sometimes referred to as Private Label) refers to the ability of a company to re-brand a product or service and then offer or market the asset as their own.  The opportunity to leverage white label online courses can be extremely valuable to any organization that does not have the time, resources, or expertise to develop powerful and engaging learning content on their own, but would like to maintain their own corporate branding throughout the eLearning experience.

Some of the benefits companies can derive from white label online courses can include:


Many companies find that acquiring the learning content they need in a white label format can be less expensive than developing these materials in-house.


While developing your own online courses can take weeks, or even months, white label courses can be immediately available for your rebranding and use.


White labeling allows you to consistently represent your brand in all of your internal eLearning activities.  This can create a sense of trust among your users and keep your own brand at the forefront of all of your employee interactions.

White Label Learning Management System

LMS Portals provides custom-branded Learning Management System (LMS) portals to support all of your eLearning activities.  Our clients and partners are able to launch and manage their own eLearning portal to quickly and easily implement corporate training and learning programs.  Our secure platform includes powerful supporting features for user onboarding, messaging, analytics, and more.

Why LMS Portals?

As an LMS Portals Partner, you will have the ability to build, deploy, and manage branded eLearning portals for your clients, as well as for your own agency.


We provide our Partners a pricing model that offers your best possible margins in the LMS industry  and we offer training and support to ensure your greatest chance of success.

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