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LMS Portals

White Label Training Materials

LMS Portals White Label Training Materials

Powerful and Customizable eLearning Content

LMS Portals provides a powerful, multi-tenant eLearning platform that allows our partners and clients to launch private eLearning environments to effectively segment and scale their online training programs.  With LMS Portals, you can quickly build, deploy, and manage new eLearning environments on-demand, all from a single centralized administrative console.

We work with end-user clients who utilize our platform to create private eLearning environments through any type of logical segmentation, such as location, department, or job role.  And our partners can leverage the platform to create new revenue streams by offering their clients their own customized eLearning portals for corporate eLearning and training.

The Benefits of the LMS Portals Platform for Corporate Training

The LMS Portals platform is a cloud-based offering that provides several unique features for any organization looking to build eLearning, including:

Multi-Tenant Architecture

LMS Portals is a multi-tenant eLearning platform that allows you to launch and manage multiple private eLearning environments quickly and easily.

User Onboarding

Each portal offers streamlined user onboarding to bring users onto the portal and into the specific courses and eLearning paths that are relevant to them.

Messaging and Collaboration

The system includes the ability for users to communicate and collaborate to enhance the eLearning process.  It also allows for messaging between students and instructors.

Detailed Analytics

Capture and review detailed data to understand student usage and engagement and measure the success of your program.

White Label Training Materials

In addition to providing a powerful multi-tenant eLearning architecture, LMS Portals can provide white label training materials (both off-the-shelf and customized) to both our end-user clients and partners.  Some of the specific areas for which we can provide training materials include:


And more.

Why LMS Portals?

As an LMS Portals Partner, you will have the ability to build, deploy, and manage branded eLearning portals for your clients, as well as for your own agency.

We provide our Partners a pricing model that offers your best possible margins in the LMS industry  and we offer training and support to ensure your greatest chance of success.

Contact us to get started today or visit our Partners page

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