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White Label Human Resources (HR) Software

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

White Label HR Programs

LMS Portals provides a Learning Management Systems (LMS) platform to provide corporations of all sizes and from any industry with a powerful technology for developing, delivering, and measuring employee training activities.

To provide our Partners with an effective means of leveraging and monetizing the LMS Portals platform, we have created an offering in which the system can be offered as a White Label HR Software offering to support corporate needs around employee onboarding, skill development, and other training endeavors.

What is a Learning Management System?

An LMS platform is software which brings training activities online. Everything from course building and deliver to training, assessment and feedback is managed under the LMS umbrella. While every department within an organization can benefit from the use of an LMS, HR is typically considered to be the greatest beneficiary as it can leverage the platform it to onboard and train new employees. At the same time, the system can help existing employees continue to grow and develop important knowledge and skills.

HR Use Cases for Learning Management Software

While there are many potential use cases for LMS software within an HR department, some of the more common ones can include:

Onboarding New Employees

Numerous studies have shown that trained, engaged workers have a greater level of work satisfaction and tend to stay with the company longer. Given this, LMS software can be used to develop and deliver training materials that allow new hires to become acclimated to their new role, as well as your company’s culture.

Supporting Professional Development

You can leverage your LMS software to provide on-demand courses and learning experiences that employees can access in order to grow and develop valuable skills. Offering courses that support the ongoing professional development of your employees can benefit both the employee and your organization.

Creating Compliance Awareness

If your company operates in an industry that is subject to any kind of compliance rules (such as healthcare or financial services), you can leverage your LMS software to build courses that create awareness of these compliance guidelines and help employees to understand how these rules impact their job roles.

LMS Portals: White Label HR Software

LMS Portals offers a powerful portal-based LMS technology for corporate clients. We provide our partners with the opportunity to white label the use and deliver of the LMS Portals platform so they can monetize their client’s needs for an effective approach to learning management.

As an LMS Portals partner, you will be able to custom-brand SaaS-based learning portals for your clients. You can choose to further monetize the offering by managing all of their course development and learning activities for them.

Please visit the LMS Portals Partner Page to learn more and contact us to discuss.

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