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SaaS LMS Benefits for Corporate eLearning

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

SaaS LMS Benefits

Software-as-s-Service or “SaaS” is quickly becoming the preferred method of delivery for companies looking to implement a Learning Management System (LMS). A SaaS (often referred to a “cloud-based”) solution is an approach to LMS that eliminates the requirement for you to install specific hardware or software in order to access and run the system. Your administrators, instructors, and students all log into a web portal to do their work and accomplish learning activities. All that is required is an Internet connection.

Typically, SaaS allows you to scale your use of the system to meet your business’s needs. This approach is usually more flexible than software-based delivery of LMS as it is based on actual usage of the service. And with a SaaS learning platform, companies don’t have to make large investments and allocate manpower to the technical aspect of their training program. And not only is it a much more affordable option than an on-premise solution, it also eliminates the need for upgrading or troubleshooting as automatic upgrades and ongoing support is included part of the service.

The Advantages of SaaS for LMS

Here are some of the most significant benefits of choosing a SaaS LMS platform for your corporate eLearning efforts.


Unlike software-based on-premise solutions, SaaS makes scaling your use of an LMS easy as it can evolve with your organization. With SaaS, you can add users, purchase additional features, and upgrade your services any time you choose. You also have the power to downgrade the system if needed, which can drastically decrease your costs.

Fast Implementation

SaaS LMS solutions eliminate complex, time-consuming implementation processes. With a SaaS-based approach, there is no need for up-front planning around required technical resources and accompanying investment as the solution is not housed locally. You are leveraging an LMS infrastructure that is already in place and ready for your use.

Centralized Data Management

SaaS LMS solutions provide data hosting in the Cloud. This frees up space on your local servers and ensures that your information is kept in a single, safe location. And the system organizes your online training materials and assets so that you can find them quickly. Many SaaS LMS vendors offer extensive safety protocols, such as encryption and user authentication.

Online Collaboration and Communication

With SaaS, everyone on the LMS team can work on the design of your online training, regardless of their location. Because your data is hosted on the cloud, there are no access limitations, as long as the user is granted the appropriate permissions and logins. And streamlining the course building and administration process reduces spending and makes the most of your online resources.

Powerful ROI

Many SaaS LMS solutions offer robust data collection, analytics, and reporting capabilities. SaaS LMS gives you the power to measure every aspect of your online training program and learner performance. This allows you to identify areas for improvement and streamline your online training strategy over time. Outdated courses can be easily removed or revised and new ideas for user engagement can be easily implemented.

SaaS LMS is a great choice for any organization looking for an easy-to-use system that will save them time and money. With powerful features and numerous benefits, it’s a worthwhile investment for a growing business today.

LMS Portals for SaaS LMS

LMS Portals provides a SaaS LMS that allows our clients to quickly and easily deploy their own eLearning portal. Our system enables you to incorporate learning management into your existing web infrastructure, using your own corporate branding.

Contact us to discuss your Own SaaS LMS and Branded Corporate eLearning Portal.

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