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Resell White Label Corporate Training Courses

Resell White Label Corporate Training Courses

The need for effective corporate training and employee development is greater today than ever. The increasing complexity of the corporate world, combine with growing demands on employees working in all types of roles has created a significant opportunity for third-party organizations that can contribute to a company’s corporate training mission.

The Emergence of On-Demand Corporate Training

In the past, the primary approach most companies would employ for corporate training would be an in-person, classroom-based approach. But in recent years, the emergence of cloud-based platforms combined with increasingly remote workforces has made electronic learning, or “eLearning” the preferred training approach for most organizations.

The foundational technology for all types of eLearning, including corporate training and employee development programs, is a Learning Management System, or “LMS”. An LMS is the software used to build, deploy, manage, and deliver eLearning programs.

As the use of LMS-based programs continues to grow, the need for effective corporate training courses to run on the LMS has become an equally important need for organizations of all sizes and most every industry.

LMS Portals for On-Demand Corporate Training

LMS Portals is a SaaS-based, multi-tenant learning management system that allows administrators to launch and manage a customized learning environment (portal) for each of their unique training audiences. Each portal you launch includes a powerful course development engine that supports most any type of training content, including videos, SCORM files, PDFs PowerPoints, URLs, images, and more. And the platform includes robust supporting tools for learning path creation, group management, certificate awards, analytics, and more.

White Label Corporate Training Courses

At LMS Portals, we also provide our reseller partners with a unique opportunity to grow their business by offering white label corporate training courses. These ready-made courses can benefit your clients in a number of ways:


Working with ready-made, customizable courses minimizes the cost associated with delivering powerful and relevant training content to employees.

Delivery Time

Building a corporate training course from scratch can take weeks or months to complete. White label training courses eliminates this bottle neck by ensuring that the courses the company needs are immediately available for distribution and use.

Relevance and Credibility

Having access to a broad range of topics to cover most every aspect of corporate training and employee development is a significant benefit to any organization. And working with the LMS Portals corporate white label corporate training library provides assurance that the course was developed by a credible authoring source with specialized knowledge in the area of interest.

The corporate training categories available from the LMS Portals white label corporate training courses catalog include:

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