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LMS Software for Healthcare

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

LMS Software for Healthcare

Healthcare is a complex industry for employees in that they need to develop the knowledge and skills required to deliver excellent patient care while working within the guidelines of industry rules and regulations. Give this, healthcare organizations must provide their workers with opportunities for both introductory and ongoing training programs to help ensure they can achieve success in their job role, whether that role is clinical or administrative.

In the past, the only real employee training option available to healthcare organizations was through the use of in-person, classroom-based training sessions. But these days, the availability of powerful and affordable cloud-based technologies has made online learning, or “eLearning” a preferred option for hospitals and other types of healthcare companies.

The Benefits of eLearning for Healthcare Organizations

While most every industry can benefit from the use of eLearning technologies for employee training, the approach is particularly well-suited for healthcare, given the demands of the industry.


Many healthcare organizations struggled to deal with the expenses associated with in-person training, including course development, travel, on-site instructor fees, and the cost of printing and distributing training materials. eLearning eliminates these expenses and while also eliminating the need to pull valuable employees away from their work to attend training sessions.

Fast Delivery

Healthcare training is unique in that, often times, the content to be delivered is critical or time-sensitive. eLearning supports this by allowing for the rapid development and delivery of training courses to ensure that employees gain access to these learning materials in a timely and efficient manner.


One of the challenges of classroom-based training is in the fact that employees must keep up with the pace set by the instructor. eLearning eliminates this challenge by enabling employees to learn at their own pace, even allowing them to revisit important or challenging pieces of content multiple times before moving on to the next section.

Tracking and Accountability

In healthcare, many pieces of learning content are required, depending on the role of the employee (HIPAA training, for example). eLearning makes the tracking and reporting of employee participation and course completion simple, and even automated.

Learning Management Systems for Healthcare

The core technology that supports all types of eLearning programs, including healthcare employee training, is a learning management system, or “LMS”. An LMS is the application that is used to build, deliver, manage, and track eLearning-based healthcare training programs. And while LMS technology is not new, several recent advancements are particularly well-suited for the healthcare industry.

Cloud-Based Delivery

While some organizations choose to deploy an LMS on their own servers (self-hosted), this project can be costly from both a financial and labor perspective. A more common approach is in working with third-party vendors who make access to LMS features and capacity available through cloud-based delivery. And with a cloud LMS, the responsibility for the ongoing management and maintenance of the system is shifted to the vendor, which takes the burden of your own IT staff.

Multi-Tenant Architecture

Multitenancy is a unique LMS architecture that allows you to “spin up” multiple instances of the application in order to provide a dedicated eLearning environment (portal) for each of your unique audiences. A multi-tenant LMS is particularly valuable in healthcare training programs as they often include varied audiences, such as clinical workers, administrative staff, and even third-party organizations (such as Business Associates).

Rapid eLearning

A major challenge for many healthcare organizations has been in finding and paying for learning development talent to plan, develop, and manage the delivery of their eLearning-based training courses. But today, some LMS platforms include rapid and simplified course development engines, allowing most any employee to develop engaging courses, quickly and easily.

LMS Portals: LMS software for Healthcare Organizations

LMS Portals provides our healthcare clients and partners with a cloud-based, multi-tenant learning management system that allows you to launch and manage multiple eLearning portals to support any number of training audiences. The system allows you to instantly launch new branded portals on-demand and each portal includes its own rapid course development engine, along with supporting tools for user onboarding, learner collaboration, analytics, and more.

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