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LMS with Employee Training Database

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

LMS Portals provides a cloud-based, multi-tenant Learning Management System (LMS) that includes an embedded employee training data to maintain a complete history for each of your employee’s training activities. The multi-tenant architecture allows you to segment and scale your employee training program by launching a customized eLearning environment for each of your training audiences.

The Importance of Tracking Employee Training

Employee learning and training has emerged as a critical factor to help ensure organizations can achieve their business goals. Nearly 40% of workers say that they left leave their new jobs within a year of starting due to an inadequate level of training. With the cost of onboarding a new employee averaging up to nine months of pay, losing an employee can significantly impact your bottom line.

In addition, if your firm operates in a heavily regulated industry (where a failure to comply with regulations can be extremely costly), tracking employee training helps to ensure that each worker has completed the necessary learning activities to operate safely and legally.

Streamlining the Onboarding Process

As a corporate training professional, you may know that effective employee training starts with the onboarding process. An effective process not only brings employees onto your LMS for participation in your training program, but it also guides them to the specific courses and learning paths that are relevant to their job role. And an LMS that streamlines this process for you minimizes the amount of time and effort your training staff must put in to ensure program participation.

The Power of Analytics

In addition to simply seeing which employees have completed which training courses, a comprehensive employee training database can provide detailed data to help you understand the effectiveness of your training program. The ability to see where your employees are struggling to complete their training assignments, due to such factors as time spent on a course and test failures, can help you determine where your program can be modified to improve the eLearning experience.

LMS Portals: An Embedded Employee Training Database

LMS portals offers our clients and partners a robust LMS that includes an embedded employee training database to monitor and manage employee participation and success in your training program. Additionally, LMS Portals includes powerful features, such as:


With LMS Portals, you can launch and manage multiple unique eLearning environments, all from a centralized management console. This allows you to segment and scale your training program and helps to ensure your highest level of employee participation and satisfaction more effectively.

User Onboarding

The system includes the tools you need to streamline the process of onboarding employees to your training program and into the courses and learning paths that are relevant to them.

Messaging and Collaboration

Each of your deployed LMS Portals includes tools for messaging and collaboration to support the learning experience and help ensure maximum student engagement and success.


The system’s detailed analytics help administrators to measure the level of student engagement and success. This data can provide significant benefit as you look to enhance and grow your training program over time.

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