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eLearning for Corporate Health and Wellness

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

Corporate Health

Job seekers today prefer to work for companies that can meet to their personal needs and goals while providing a culture and environment that supports their health and security. As people continue to become more conscious about their health, they tend to consider the idea as an overall general wellbeing. Given this, more and more companies (of all sizes and from all industries) are offering corporate health and wellness programs. And, increasingly, eLearning serves as an integral component to these programs.

The Benefits of Corporate Health and Wellness Programs

Corporate health and wellness programs were originally introduced as perks that only large corporations could offer to their employees. Today, these programs are often seen in business of all sizes and are now regularly included as part of a company benefits and recruiting package.

Some of the benefits you can expect from offering corporate health and wellness programs can include:

Improved Health Behaviors

A primary goal of every corporate wellness program is in facilitating behavioral change among employees. A program that includes the education, motivation, supporting tools, and peer support, will help to drive behavioral changes that can improve employee health.

Decreased Costs

As employees successfully implement these behavioral changes, you can expect to see corresponding decreasing health costs. These decreased costs can benefit both the employer and the employee as employers may then give a smaller percentage of the bill to their employees.

Increased Productivity

Research has consistently demonstrated a link between increased health and wellness and cognitive benefits (such as improved memory and focus). In fact, one study reported that employees who successfully completed a health promotion program regained more than 10 hours in additional productivity annually. This increase in productivity saved their employers roughly $353 per person per year in productivity (compared to non-participants).

Decreased Employee Turnover

Numerous studies have also shown that companies that offer corporate health and wellness programs tend to have happier, more engaged employees. This leads to lower employee turnover rates, which save the company in recruiting and hiring expenses while minimizing productivity losses.

Incorporating eLearning in Your Corporate Health and Wellness Program

As part of your corporate health and wellness program, eLearning can provide the foundational knowledge for those employees who wish to develop skills and awareness to benefit their health. eLearning offers a platform where employees can conveniently learn all about health to improve their wellbeing and allow them to bring their best efforts to their work.

Unlike traditional, classroom-based training, eLearning activities can be conducted without the need for travel or to pull people away from their job duties. In addition, effective eLearning can provide a center for knowledge sharing, community, and even gamification to add an element of fun to your program.

LMS Portals for Corporate Health and Wellness Programs

LMS Portals offers a cloud-based, multi-tenant eLearning platform that allows our clients and partners to build, deliver, and manage corporate health and wellness programs. Using our platform, you can launch multiple, private eLearning environments to support your wellness programs. And each of these portals can be customized to offer its own branding, learning paths, collaboration, analytics, and more.

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