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Corporate eLearning Consulting Solutions

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

Corporate eLearning Consulting

Any company looking to build a training program for its employees will quickly come to understand the benefits of corporate eLearning, especially when compared to traditional, classroom-based training. Companies of all sizes now report that eLearning has become the cornerstone of their learning and training programs. In fact, 98% of companies say they will implement some type of eLearning program by 2022. Given the growth of the corporate eLearning industry and the growing selection of technologies available today, it may make sense to work with an eLearning consultant as you plan and build your corporate training program.

The Benefits of Corporate eLearning

eLearning refers to the use of electronic technologies (primarily the Internet) to build and deliver learning and training content and courses. Given that today’s workers prefer to join companies that offers opportunities for both personal and professional development, organizations around the world are investing more resources into training and learning to cultivate a workforce of professional, skilled, and agile employees. eLearning has emerged as the foundation for these corporate training programs for several reasons:

Reduced Training Costs

A primary benefit of corporate eLearning is in the opportunity it created to cut training costs. eLearning eliminates the need for printed training materials and on-site instructors. It also removes travel requirements and the productivity losses associated with bringing employees together for in-person training.

Fast Delivery

Most online training content and courses can be delivered quickly and conveniently, which is increasingly important in a dynamic work climate that demand more from employees in terms of performance capabilities and (for many industries) awareness of laws and regulatory rule changes.

Convenient Access

eLearning technologies allow employees to access the information they need, when and where they need. This opportunity for contextual training has proven to be a major benefit from any company looking to maximize worker efficiencies.

Consistent Content

One of the major challenges of classroom-based training is in making sure that all instructors are using the same, up-to-date materials and delivering their trainings with consistent messaging. eLearning eliminates this challenge by ensuring that all training materials are accessed from a single, centralized repository.

Detailed Analytics

Today’s corporate eLearning technologies provide instructors and administrators with an unprecedented ability to capture and review detailed data regarding user engagement and performance. This information can be extremely powerful as you look to revise and expand your eLearning program over time.

Types of Corporate eLearning

While there are many areas in which corporate eLearning can contribute to employee performance and the overall competitiveness of your organization, some of the primary areas include:

Employee Onboarding

Acclimating new employees can be a challenge. Leveraging corporate eLearning for employee onboarding can provide the necessary training to bring your new hires up to speed on company processes and policies so they have the basic information they will need to operate within your organization.

Product and Service Training

Every employee at your company, especially those in customer-facing roles such as sales and support, should understand your products and services. eLearning can be used to offer both initial training and to keep employees up to date as your offerings change and expand over time.

Compliance Training

All employees, especially those in companies that operate in highly regulated industries (eg healthcare and financial services), must be aware of adhere to a set of rules and regulations that govern their industry. eLearning can be used to accomplish and track these training requirements.

Soft Skills Training

Soft skills, such as communication, problem solving, and time management can be key to the development of high-performance employees. Offering eLearning instruction in these areas has proven to be highly valuable for many companies.

The Value of Corporate eLearning Consulting

Given the growing number of available technologies in corporate eLearning, along with the number of approaches available for the development of learning programs, corporate eLearning consulting has emerged as a viable option for companies that what to make sure they build and deliver a cost-effective program that will generate the greatest possible benefit for the organization.

In working with an eLearning consulting organization, you can identify a technology approach that will best meet the needs of your organization with consideration for your timeline and available resources. Many eLearning consulting organizations work with their clients from program planning, through technology selection and implementation. And many will remain engaged as you evaluate your program results and make adjustments where necessary.

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