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Corporate Training Library to Build Employee Learning Paths

Corporate Training Library to Build Employee Learning Paths

Effective corporate training is about ensuring that employees have access to the courses they need to perform well in their specific job roles and operate effectively within your organization. It is therefore neither efficient nor cost-effective to ask each employee to work through the same set of courses. This understanding has given rise to the concept of role-based training and the use of learning paths to add structure to your training program and ensure that each employee is only spending time working through training content that will be beneficial to them.

Learning Paths in Corporate Training

A learning path is a sequence of courses or activities that enable a person to build knowledge or skill. For corporate training purposes, learning paths are used to ensure that an employee has developed a foundational set of skills or knowledge before moving onto more complex learning material within that subject area.

The use of learning paths can benefit corporate training programs in the following ways:

Provides Structure

Learning paths add structure to corporate training programs by making sure that your employees are accessing the specific courses they need, given their role within the organization. In addition, they allow for the unlocking of courses in a sequential manner, ensuring that employees have the prerequisite knowledge and skills to enroll in any given course.

Supports Role-Based Learning

Role-based learning has become a popular approach to corporate training as it is used to help ensure the efficiency of a program by ensuring that employees are working through courses and content that is relevant to them, based on their job title or the type of work they do for your organization. Delivering learning paths to employees based on their job role is now considered a best practice in corporate training.

Streamlines Program Administration

The use of learning paths can make it faster and easier for administrators to manage your corporate training program by automating the delivery of training content based on employee roles. In addition, pre-defined learning paths take the guesswork out of determining the order in which a set of courses must be completed.

Working with a Ready-Made Corporate Training Library

One of the primary challenges for any organization implementing a corporate training program, is in developing or curating courses and content for the program. Course development can be especially challenging for smaller and resources-strained organizations as each course can take several hundred hours to develop from scratch. Given this, many companies now look to training content providers and their corporate training libraries to access the specific courses they need to support their training and development programs.

Working with a corporate training library allows for immediate and cost-effective access to ready-made courses, which can then be structured into the various learning paths required for your employees. While most corporate training libraries allow you to license (rather than purchase and own) each course, many allow you to customize and rebrand each course to meet your specific training needs.

LMS Portals: A Corporate Training Library to Build Employee Learning Paths

At LMS Portals, we provide our clients and partners with a SaaS-based, multi-tenant learning management system (LMS) that allows an administrator to launch and manage a dedicated online learning environment (portal) for each of your unique training audiences, both internal and external.

Sample Learning Path in LMS Portals
Sample Learning Path in LMS Portals

In addition to powerful LMS technology, we offer a complete library of ready-made courses, covering most every aspect of corporate training and employee development. The LMS Portals platform allows you to structure these courses into learning paths for delivery to your employees in a role-based training model.

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