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Allowing User-Generated Content for Corporate Training

User-Generated Content for Corporate Training

Corporate training and employee development is driven by content. This is especially true for eLearning programs where, in the absence of a live trainer, the user experience hinges entirely the quality of the content. For many corporate learning and development (L&D) organizations, course development in the form of User-Generated Content (UCG) has emerged as a great option to allow employees to build their collaboratively build their knowledge and play a larger role in the direction of the learning experience.

What is User-Generated Content

For organizations that use a learning management system (LMS), “user-generated content” refers to content that employees create and upload into the LMS. UGC adds employees to the L&D team, along with in-house course developers and (in some cases) third-party corporate training organizations. As the use of User-Generated Content has increased in popularity, some LMS platforms now make it easy to invite your employees to participate in content and course creation and delivery.

The Benefits of User-Generated Content in Corporate Training

By incorporating UGC into your corporate training strategy, you ease the burden on you L&D team to generate relevant content on a consistent basis. Some of the additional benefits of allowing for User-Generated Content include:

Increase User Engagement

Allowing users to create content invites them to take a more active role their learning process. This can increase learner engagement in your training program and help ensure that your company derives the greatest possible benefit from your LMS investment.

Ensure Content Relevance

UCG is essentially a peer-to-peer based approach to training. Allowing users to create learning content for their peers helps to ensure that the training content you are delivering is relevant to the specific challenges of each of your learning groups, which is another factor that will contribute to the success of your training program.

Enhance Collaboration

As workforces have become increasingly remote, there is often a greater sense of isolation among workers and a sense of disconnect. Inviting your employees to contribute their own content to your learning mission can enhance their sense of belonging bring a greater sense of camaraderie and collaboration.

Whether your organization is about to launch a new training program or looking to increase your level of quality content, UCG is one learning approach that paves the way to program success.

LMS Portals for User-Generated Content

LMS Portals is a cloud-based, multi-tenant learning management system that allows system administrators to launch and manage a dedicated training environment for each of your unique training audiences, both internal and external. The platform includes a simple, yet powerful course development engine that allows for the upload or linking of content to build engaging courses quickly and easily.

Each portal you launch allows you to name any number of employees as training “Supervisors”, thus allowing them to generate and contribute content to your corporate training mission.

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