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An LMS as Employee Engagement Software

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

An LMS as Employee Engagement Software

Employee engagement refers to the emotional commitment an employee has to a company and its mission. While engaged employees are not always happy employees, they actually care about their work and the success of the organization. Employee engagement has emerged to become an important measure in gauging worker satisfaction as employees today are looking to be involved in their work, enthusiastic about the company and committed to their colleagues.

Studies show that organizations that invest in employee engagement programs tend to perform better. Some of the specific benefits of employee engagement programs include:

Enhanced Productivity

Employees who are invested in their job roles show increased productivity of more than 20% when compared to less engaged colleagues.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

When employees are engaged in their work and committed to the success of their company, it tends to translate into improved service and an increase in customer satisfaction.

Decreased Employee Turnover

Engaged employees are far less likely to leave your organization. Given this, employee engagement programs can increase employee retention and minimize the costs associated with high employee turnover.

Improved Corporate Culture

Effective employee engagement programs tend to create a corporate culture that guide your organization to success while supporting employees in their job roles and future aspirations. Cultivating this type of culture can be a company’s greatest tools for new hire recruitment.

LMS as Employee Engagement Software
LMS Portals: Rapid Course Development and Delivery

Increasing Employee Engagement through eLearning

eLearning refers to the use of electronic technologies (the Internet, primarily) to support all types of online learning and training, including corporate training and employee development. Many companies that implement eLearning programs to support the learning needs of new hires and existing employees see a significant increase in employee engagement and overall worker satisfaction. To be successful, companies must seek to develop courses and programs that match learning objectives with individual employee competencies, skills, and organizational priorities.

eLearning provides employees with the flexibility they need to conduct their training activities at a time and place that is convenient for them. And, unlike classroom-based training, eLearning programs ensure that employees have access to the critical training information they need, when and where they need it.

LMS for Increased Employee Engagement
LMS Portals: Detailed Data Capture and Reporting

Learning Management Systems for eLearning and Employee Engagement

The core technology that supports all types of eLearning programs, including corporate training and eLearning-based employee engagement, is a Learning Management System, or “LMS”. An LMS is the application that is used to build, deliver, manage, and track corporate training programs. Used effectively, an LMS can help your company deliver corporate training programs and content in a way that optimizes the employee online learning experience and leads to increased employee engagement and success.

While some companies choose to “stand up” an LMS on their own servers (self-hosted), most organization now choose to work with third-party vendors to access LMS features and capacity in a SaaS, subscription-based model. This approach eliminates the need for a large, up-front capital investment and allows you to get your eLearning program up-and-running very quickly.

Employee Engagement Software
LMS Portals: Multi-Tenant Deployment Architecture

LMS Portals as Employee Engagement Software for Corporate Training

LMS Portals provides our clients and partners with a cloud-based, multi-tenant learning management system that allows you to launch and manage multiple, private eLearning environments (portals) on-demand. Each portal you launch can have its own branding and can be customized to support the training needs of each of your unique audiences. And each portal includes robust supporting tools for course development, user onboarding, learner collaboration, analytics, and more.

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